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Birmingham gang crime members banned from parts of city

L-R: Naasir Francis, Akeen Ivy-Foster, Ravelle Hutchinson, Tesfa Bernard-Wheeler, Rayani Sutherland, Omarni Bernard-Sewell. Credit: West Midlands Police

Eighteen men from two Birmingham crime gangs will be served with injunctions banning them from large parts of the city.

The men who are part of the Burger Bar Boys or Johnson Crew gangs will also be banned from making music videos glamourising crime.

It's the biggest gang injunction ever issued in the UK as West Midlands Police try to prevent gun and drug crime in the city.

As well as barring the men from mixing with each other inside and outside prison, there are also restrictions on the cars they can drive and the mobile phones they can use.

Burger Boys rapper Reial Phillips. Credit: BPM Media

The two-year injunctions were granted for 17 men after more than 80 witnesses gave evidence at Birmingham Crown Court.

Others were issued on men who are already in prison, serving lengthy sentences for other criminal offences.

Tesfa Bernard Wheeler, 21, was hit with a civil injunction, which includes the same terms as the gang injunction.

The men, aged between 19 and 29, are now banned from entering the city centre, Handsworth, Newtown, Winson Green, Lozells and the Jewellery Quarter.

18 men are banned from entering this exclusion zone. Credit: West Midlands Police

If they are caught flouting the restrictions, they could face up to two years behind bars.

Police are now asking communities to act as their "eyes and ears" to inform them if they see the men associating with each other or in the exclusion zones.

These young men are dangerous and a menace to ordinary people. They must be stopped from behaving like thugs and terrorising hard working people. In the autumn, I will also publish a plan which will set out how we intend to tackle the problem of gangs in the West Midlands.

– West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson
L-R: Lawrence Morgan, Jerome Jones, Jerome Christie, Ushane Jeffers, Kayne Robinson, Ashai Grey Credit: West Midlands Police

Gang injunctions:

  • Naasir Francis, aged 19, from Nechells
  • Baboucar Huma, aged 19, from Handsworth
  • Akeen Ivy-Foster, aged 20, from Springhill
  • Ravelle Hutchinson, aged 20, from Winson Green
  • Rayani Sutherland, aged 21, from Aston
  • Omarni Bernard-Sewell, aged 21, from Selly Oak
  • Lawrence Morgan, aged 21, from Nechells
  • Jerome Jones, aged 21, from Erdington
  • Jerome Christie, aged 21, from Nechells
  • Reial Phillips, aged 21, from Winson Green
  • Ushane Jeffers, aged 23, from Newtown
  • Kayne Robinson, aged 23, from Springhill
  • Ashai Grey, aged 23, from Walsall
  • Jacob Brown, aged 24, from Handsworth
  • Cash Wallace, aged 24, from Winson Green
  • Ishmail Lee, aged 29, from Wolverhampton
  • Isaac Duffus, aged 28 from Erdington

Civil injunction:

  • Tesfa Bernard-Wheeler, aged 21, from Hockley
L-R: Jacob Brown, Cash Wallace, Ishmail Lee, Isaac Duffus, Baboucar Huma, Reial Phillips Credit: West Midlands Police