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Brazen thieves break shop glass with rock to steal clothes

Two brazen thieves have been caught on CCTV using a rock to break the glass door of a shop and steal £5,000 worth of clothing.

In the early hours of August 22, the OneBC store in Nottingham was targeted by two men on bikes.

The video shows them climbing through the broken glass before rushing round the store and taking more than 40 pieces of menswear items.

The couple who run the business say they feel "disheartened" as this is the second time in four years the shop has been targeted.

We're probably looking at £5,000 minimum for the damage and stolen stock. We want to warn other businesses in the area that this has happened

– Reeta Brack
The shops owners say they want to warn other businesses in the area. Credit: BPM Media

Nottinghamshire police say they are investigating the break in at the city centre business which has been running for 19 years.

The shop has been closed to clean up shards of glass and have the door fixed but the owners are unsure when they will be able to re-open.

Tony Brack said the pair will continue to stick it out despite the losses to their business.

"It would be a shame to give up and move just because some numpties have stolen our stuff."