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The Midlands remembers Princess Diana

Princess Diana died 20 years ago today (31st August). Photo: PA

People from across the Midlands have been sharing their memories of Princess Diana, who died 20 years ago today (31st August).

Peter McCabe runs the brain injury charity, Headway, whose headquarters are in Nottingham. He met the late Princess of Wales several times and says Diana was crucial in keeping the charity in business when times got tough in 1991.

During the 1990s, Princess Diana was also patron of the Leicester-based charity, Home Start, which was set up to help poorer families with young children. One woman, who was the charity's treasurer at the time, says she was in awe of Diana's elegance when she met the Princess for the first time.

Diana was famous for her willingness and determination to help disadvantaged children. At the Moseley Centre for Conductive Education in Birmingham, one man with cerebral palsy recalls how warm and embracing the Princess was, when he met her aged just four-years-old.

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