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Police officer removed from frontline duties after making racial comments

A West Midlands Police officer has been removed from front line duties after he was recorded apparently telling a black man: "You would be the first one I would shoot if I had a gun, definitely."

Jack Chambers was told by the officer, Credit: BPM

The footage was filmed by Jack Chambers, 24, while at his friend's house on the August 24th. Mr Chambers said the police were looking for a wanted man and had asked why he had closed the window, when the officer, out of shot on the footage, asked if he was "going to go all Black Lives Matter" on the patrol team.

The officer asked Jack Chambers if he was Credit: BPM

Officers from West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Department are investigating after a video was posted on social media.

The Force received an official complaint and referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Murray said:

What was said was not right and the officer has been removed from front line duties pending further assessment.

The officer has already expressed remorse and is very apologetic over his comments.

We expect the highest standards of behaviour from all our officers and staff, and we will always take complaints from members of the public seriously.

– Alex Murray - Assistant Chief Constable, West Midlands Police

West Midlands based community activist Desmond Jaddoo has called for the incident to be investigated as a hate crime.

Jack Chambers has since spoken out about the incident, saying he no longer has any faith in the police. The father-of-two said:

I was horrified that the people who are paid to protect make a joke about a movement which is for black people who have been killed. I have spoken to the police and they have offered me an apology but I do not want it. I would like a senior police officer to apologise for the action on national news. I don’t have any faith in the police.

– Jack Chambers