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Pub puts Christmas tree up in September

Photo: BPM Media

A pub has put up its Christmas tree more than three months before Christmas.

Customers at The Beggar's Bushin, Sutton Coldfield, say they are divided over the festive decorations.

Manager Claire McGuire is behind the early festivities at the Greene King-owned boozer in Chester Road.

Manager Claire McGuire next to the decorated tree Credit: BPM Media

Claire said:

Some customers have said it’s too early and others love it. Greene King asked us to put out the Christmas menus and said we had to have a display, so I thought we would put up the tree.

– The Beggar's Bushin Manager, Claire McGuire

In olden times (and in Roman Catholic tradition) the tree was not put up until the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

One local said:

I can't believe they have put a Christmas tree up in September. It really does beggar belief. I don't agree with it.

– Customer

Another school of thought says the tree should go up at the start of Advent.

It covers four Sundays before Christmas and begins on the Sunday closest to November 30, the feast day of St Andrew.