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Water supply issues in Telford

Photo: PA

Bottled water is being taken to areas in Telford which have been left with water supply issues following a cracked pipe.

Severn Trent Water say one of their biggest water pipes supplying Telford, Shropshire, cracked at around 04:00am this morning, causing water supply issues for those living in the following postcodes:

  • TF3
  • TF4
  • TF7
  • TF8

Water can now be collected from two locations:

  • Tesco, Park Avenue, Madeley TF7 5AB
  • Musuem of the Gorge car park, Ironbridge, TF8 7DQ
Bottled water can be collected from this Tesco in Madeley. Credit: Google Maps 2017

Severn Trent Water say the pipe is very deep underground and, before they can start digging, they are having to cut back nearby trees. The water-supplier say they are also working with Cadent (gas-distributor) as the pipe is next to one of their high pressure gas mains.

The repair is proving more complicated than previously expected and Severn Trent Water say they are having to be very careful so they do not cause further problems.

The company state they have had 'some success' by using a fleet of 16 water tankers to inject water directly into the network to get water moving.

Severn Trent water also say that the work may result in lower pressure than normal and murky water for some customers which is 'nothing to worry about'.