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Platinum couple celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

A couple who met at the end of World War II are celebrating a very special event... their 70th wedding anniversary.

Dennis and Pauline Brooke married on September 20th 1947 after meeting in an amusement arcade.

The couple's grandson organised a surprise party for them. Credit: ITV News Central

Dennis, who is originally from Smethwick, was a solider working in Leicester when he met 16-year-old Pauline.

We met at an amusement arcade because there was nothing else to do then. Nobody had any money so we just went to the amusement arcade.

I looked over and saw this handsome soldier with his friend and I thought, 'ooh aye aye! I like that!'

He looked at me and all of a sudden the lights went out in the arcade. When they came back on, he was standing at the side of me.

He said 'hello' and I said 'hello' and that was it.

– Pauline Brooke
Dennis was a solider based in Leicester when he met Pauline. Credit: Family handout

The couple married four years later, which is when Pauline moved away from her Leicestershire home to the West Midlands.

We moved to Smethwick when I was 20, when we got married.

I wanted to get married at 19 but my father said 'No, you can get married at 20'.

– Pauline Brooke

Their grandson, Stephen Jones, organised a surprise party for the two at a pub in Oldbury, West Midlands - near to where they now live.

The couple - who have one child, six grandchildren and a great-grandchild on the way - were joined by family and friends at the 1940s-themed afternoon tea party at The Perry Hill Tavern.

The couple married in September 1947 when Pauline was 20 and Dennis was 22. Credit: Family handout
Family and friends joined the couple on Saturday for the celebrations. Credit: ITV News Central

But it wasn't just a celebration of their anniversary - the party also marked Pauline's 90th birthday which fell on September 9th. Dennis turns 93 in April 2018.