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Council trying to find a permanent solution to problem parking outside schools

This primary school in Wednesfield says problem parking is still an issue. Credit: ITV News Central

Wolverhampton City Council is holding a meeting tonight to try to find a solution to the problems caused by inconsiderate parking outside schools.

A number of enforcement schemes are already in place, such as CCTV cars patrolling during drop-off and pick-up times to catch those parking on yellow lines.

However, the council say with more people choosing to drive their children to school rather than walk, the risks are increasing outside the school gates.

The Scrutiny Panel will be looking at the various initiatives which are either underway or have previously taken place in Wolverhampton and elsewhere in the country and hearing evidence from people affected by the problem in one way or another as we seek to find solutions.

This is about changing people's behaviours, and what is very clear is that the council cannot do this on its own or solely through enforcement - the issue can only be tackled with the help involvement of schools and the support of residents and most crucially motorists.

– Cllr Ian Angus, Scrutiny Panel Chair
The council already has cars fitted with CCTV to catch drivers parked on yellow lines. Credit: ITV News Central
child pedestrian casualties between 2012-2017.
children injured during the school run.
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We asked some parents and residents who live close to the primary school what they thought about the parking problems outside the gates.

Credit: ITV News Central
Credit: ITV News Central