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Birmingham's Commonwealth bid 'not compliant'

Birmingham was the only city to submit a bid for the Commonwealth Games. Credit: Birmingham City Council.

Birmingham's bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games is facing a setback, after the committee organising the games said it would invite other cities to submit bids.

The Commonwealth Games Federation said Birmingham's bid was not "fully compliant" and "further time should be given" to other interested parties.

I must congratulate the Birmingham Bid team for the work that has been undertaken in preparing a comprehensive proposal for 2022.

We have carefully reviewed the bids and updates received as part of the ongoing 2022 Candidate City Process and have agreed - noting the challenging timescales and no fully compliant bid - that further time should be given to all interested parties to enable the submission of fully compliant proposals.

– Louise Martin CBE, President, Commonwealth Games Federation

The Commonwealth Games Federation told ITV News Central they made their decision to allow Birmingham more time to finesse its bid to meet the strict criteria required to host the event.

In doing so, they would allow bids from other cities who aspire to stage the games, but weren't able to meet the original deadline for bids, given the relatively short notice.

The Federation said it still hoped to make a decision on a winning bid by the end of the year.

From top (left): The NEC, Villa Park, Alexander Stadium and University of Birmingham Credit: ITV News Central / BPM Media

A spokesman for Birmingham 2022 said they "await further clarification" on the next steps for the bid.

Birmingham worked closely with the DCMS to present a compelling and low risk bid for the city to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. This was delivered within a very tight, but pre-agreed timeframe because of the proximity of the 2022 Games and this was communicated to all interested parties .

We expected a period of discussion and negotiation with the Commonwealth Games Federation following submission and we await further clarification from the CGF about the next steps.

– Spokesman, Birmingham 2022