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Female British ISIS recruiter "killed in drone strike"

Jones and Hussain were given the nickname "Mr and Mrs Terror". Photo: ITV News

British ISIS recruiter Sally Jones has been killed in a drone strike in Syria, ITV News understands.

Jones, who was once married to Junaid Hussain, a jihadi fighter from Kings Heath in Birmingham, is thought to have been killed in June, but news of her death has only emerged now.

The 50-year-old - who became known as the White Widow - left the UK to become an IS recruiter in 2013, taking her son Jojo with her.

It's believed Jojo, who is 12-years-old, could also be dead.

Jones' jihadi husband Junaid Hussain from Birmingham was killed by a US drone in 2015. Credit: ITV News

Jones was high on a US kill list after being used by IS to recruit foreign female jihadis.

She also called on would-be British recruits to carry out "lone wolf" attacks in the UK.

Jones is said to have been killed in a US drone strike as she tried to flee Raqqa.

Her jihadi husband Junaid Hussain was killed by a US drone in 2015.

Before his death, he had allegedly been planning "barbaric attacks against the West", including terror plots targeting "high profile public commemorations" this summer.