1. ITV Report

Spice users cause road delay

This was the moment men suspected of taking the synthetic drug Spice caused a 10 minute road delay in Leicester yesterday (17 October) after collapsing in the middle of the street.

The incident happened at around 5.20pm on Belvoir Street, in Leicester city centre.

Spice, an illegal synthetic drug, branded as a cannabis replacement, is becoming an increasing problem in the UK, and often causes users to enter a zombie-like state.

19-year-old, Annie Blockley, a witness at the scene said:

The man with the longer hair was already in the middle of the road and his friend started falling down the car after telling his friend to get up. After that they were both crawling on the floor unable to get up for at least five minutes. They looked really high on drugs, like spice or something. I was obviously shocked because he was lying in the road, and holding up a lot of traffic in rush hour

– Annie Blockley, witness