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Count Catula: Black ‘bat’ cat hoping to find purr-fect home this Halloween

Raphael has a deformed ear and has had to have teeth removed Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA Northamptonshire branch is searching for the perfect home for a cat with a rather batty resemblance.

The odds are stacked against Raphael finding a new home easily.

At seven-years-old, not only is he approaching his senior years, but he is also black, with research suggesting they are much more difficult to rehome. He also has some rather unusual looks.

Adoptions manager Emma Markham said:

While we think Raphael is gorgeous, he does have some rather distinguishing features and a unique appearance.

With his canine tooth jutting out and his deformed ear he looks just like a bat! But we hope this won’t hinder him finding a home.

– Emma Markham
Raphael has a deformed ear and has had to have teeth removed Credit: RSPCA

Raphael arrived at the branch in June 2015 after his owner died but was rehomed 14 months later.

He was then returned in May because his owner’s circumstances changed and he could no longer keep him.

He has a deformed ear from a suspected old haematoma (a swelling of clotted blood within tissue) and has had to have teeth removed so he’s a very sorry boy at the moment.

But this won’t impact on him too much and he can still have a good quality of life so we desperately want to get him into a home as soon as possible.

– Emma Markham

The RSPCA added that Raphael is quite shy so will need some time to settle. But, once he gets to know you, he enjoys being stroked and having head rubs.

Staff believe he could live with another cat and with older children but he would prefer not to live with a dog.