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Relaxed swan strolls down busy road and causes a big queue

A stray swan caused traffic queues as he took a leisurely stroll in the middle of the road in Leicester.

The relaxed bird was spotted wandering in the middle of Western Boulevard near to De Montfort University, near the River Soar.

As cars backed up one motorist in a grey Mazda decided to get out of his vehicle and shoo the animal way on Monday morning.

Harsh Patel, 19, filmed the moment and said he and his friend Abdeqani Haji, 19, thought it "looked like something out of a cartoon".

The University of Leicester student said:

I was walking so for me it was just really funny, but it might not have been if I'd been driving that day.

I just turned the corner and saw it, I don't know how long it was there for.

He said even after the man managed to get the swan to move it was still causing traffic issues.

Cars had to swerve around it, because it's a one lane road.

– Harsh Patel