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Former Commonwealth boxer fined after punching Waitrose security guard

Nicky Booth once held the Commonwealth and British boxing titles Photo: BPM Media

A boxing champion who once fought for a world title has been fined after punching a security guard who caught him stealing tins of coffee.

Nicky Booth, who once held Commonwealth and British boxing titles, punched the guard who had caught him stealing from Waitrose in Milton Street, Nottingham city centre.

The court heard how 37-year-old Booth went to the Waitrose store on 4 May this year and stole three tins of coffee worth £15.66.

Booth then returned to the store later the same day and tried steal an additional four tins of coffee worth £16.72, but was spotted.

The security guard tried to detain Booth before being punched in the jaw.

Booth, who was battling a drug addiction at the time of the incident, admitted assault and twice stealing coffee from the supermarket.

He has been ordered to pay £100 to the security guard, as well as £85 prosecution costs, and £15.66 to Waitrose.

He must also complete a six-month drug rehabilitation course.