1. ITV Report

Increased security as Birmingham Christmas market starts

Police have increased security at the Birmingham Christmas market, including armed and covert police officers.

More armed, unarmed and plain-clothed officers have been deployed to the city as the Christmas market continues in the city centre until Christmas Eve (24 December).

West Midlands Police are also carrying out car and pedestrian stop-checks to increase public safety, whilst bollards and barriers are also in place to stop vehicles entering the site.

West Midlands Police Crime and Commissioner David Jamieson said:

As we've done in previous years, we've put in some of the highest levels of security.

You can see the barriers, you can see the ways of stopping cars and vehicles crashing into the site.

But as well, there are armed officers and covert officers, people that you won't be able to see but they're there to keep people safe.

– Police Crime and Commissioner David Jamieson