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Man receives death threat addressed to neighbour

Photo: ITV News Central

A man has received a death threat which was addressed to his neighbour after he left a letter on an ambulance that had blocked his drive.

The letter was addressed to Hassan Shabbir with the letter stating "ambulances are more important than access" before warning Mr Shabbir that "you will be punished" and "we are watching...and waiting".

The threat was signed off with "death awaits you".

But the letter in fact arrived at Mr Shabbir's neighbour, Azizur Rhaman, who was left shocked when opening it.

  • Mark Gough reports for ITV News Central.

Mr Rhaman then gave the letter to Mr Shabbir:

He (Mr Shabbir) was shaking, he said 'sorry' to me and I said it's not his fault.

I thought he should know because it's quite a harsh letter, it's quite dangerous and life-threatening.

– Azizur Rhaman

The letter made reference to Mr Shabbir's faith, Islam. Mr Rhaman said he felt the letter had "religious hatred" and the incident with Mr Shabbir and the ambulance had "nothing to do with religion".

Mr Rhaman said he is worried for the safety of him and his family:

I'm worried they're going to turn up at my door with acid or something like that.

I've got kids and family here so it is worrying.

– Azizur Rhaman

Mr Shabbir did not want to give an interview and the letter is being passed onto the police.