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Woman jailed following shocking CCTV footage

Levi Galeford has been jailed for six years over a number of offences. Photo: West Midlands Police

A woman has been jailed for a string of offences including fraud by false representation and a shocking attempted robbery, captured on CCTV.

Levi Galeford has been jailed for six years, after she was caught on camera attempting to steal a handbag from a 62-year-old woman in a Co-op store in Northfield, Birmingham.

At Birmingham Crown Court, the 24-year-old admitted fraud by false representation, a distraction burglary on an 81-year-old woman, another count of fraud, robbery and attempted robbery.

  • Video credit: West Midlands Police

Galeford also conned a 66-year-old lady in a "series of false sob stories" according to police.

She met her victim outside the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on 11 May, talking her into her handing over £10 which led to a "prolonged campaign of emotional blackmail", resulting in the lady handing Galeford a total of £1,790.

Police say Galeford, from Browning Tower in Overbury Road in Northfield, got the money by claiming to be in a violent relationship and needed money to break free.

Detective Constable Gareth Beard, investigating officer, said:

There was no truth to Galeford’s emotional stories; they were invented with the sole purpose of tricking money out of this lady.

She took advantage of the woman’s vulnerabilities and good nature... she pretty much used her as a cash machine whenever she wanted money.

We’ve ensured that Galeford has been taken away from society for several years and no longer poses a danger.

– Detective Constable Gareth Beard