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Students unhappy with 'slop' school dinners

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School pupils at Nottingham Academy's Greenwood Campus say they are unhappy with their 'disgusting' school food which they have described as 'slop'.

A number of students have raised concerns over the quality and quantity of food which is being served up to a number of the 1,361 pupils on the Greenwood Road campus during their lunch break.

Concerns have also been raised about a new ticket system introduced at the start of the year, which meant that students had to receive their lunch in a certain order depending on which ticket number they had.

Taylor Carney-Martin, 15, who lives in St Ann's said:

The ticket system is ridiculous. If you are after number 20 then it is almost guaranteed that something has already run out. By the time I get to the front there is literally nothing left and then they start mixing meals together, which is not fair.

– Taylor Carney-Martin, Student
Credit: BPM Media

If they are doing curry for instance and there is no rice they will just give it to you on its own or add something else random to it like potato. The food has got much worse since the start of this school year and something needs to be changed. The food is just gross as well. It's like eating slop sometimes. The jacket potatoes are dry and overdone and they mix all sorts of weird food. The staff are also unfriendly.

– Taylor Carney-Martin, Student

16-year-old Shardae Lewis says the ticketing system sometimes means that those at the back of the queue are frequently left with little to choose from.

I just can't believe they run out of food so early. I am always number 60-80 in the queue, so when I get to the front there is nothing left. Last week I had an exam so I got there as early as I could and when I was being served the woman said 'Sorry we only have jacket potatoes and cheese left'. It just isn't fair.

– Shardae Lewis, student

Her mother, Rose Lindo, a support worker, says she's worried about her daughter's concentration due to lack of food:

Every day when she gets home she says nothing has improved. Food is so important for concentration and the children will learn more if they are well fed.

– Rose Lindo, Shardae Lewis' mother

A spokeswoman for the academy said the ticket procedure was new and the complaints about the school food would be passed on to catering staff.

We are not aware of complaints regarding school lunches but have given this feedback to the catering staff and have already started a process to provide a forum for students to collaborate with us on their lunch provision. We are committed to healthy lives and to providing balanced and affordable school dinners for all our pupils.

– Nottingham Academy Spokeswoman