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Gun surrender: 'They can and sometimes do fall into the wrong hands'

A gun handed in during the gun surrender campaign Credit: PA

A total of 159 firearms have been handed in during the first week of a gun surrender campaign to Warwickshire and West Mercia Police forces.

The campaign is part of a national initiative to reduce gun crime, and runs until Sunday (26 November). It gives anyone with a firearm the opportunity to surrender the weapon at their location police station.

People surrendering weapons will not have to leave any information but if police suspect a weapon may have been involved in a crime, they will examine the gun for evidence.

is the number of licensed gun owners within the Warwickshire and West Mercia policing areas

Chief Inspector Mark Colquhoun is keen to emphasise the danger of firearms falling into the wrong hands:

People may have older or historical weapons stored in lofts or garages which have been inherited or passed down through the family, and these can also be disposed of during the surrender.

While these are not being used for criminal activities, they can and sometimes do fall into the wrong hands and can then be used to commit crimes.

– Chief Inspector Mark Colquhoun

All surrendered weapons are destroyed or in exceptional circumstances, if the weapon has historical value, donated to a museum.