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Teenager denies attempted murder after raping woman in park

The victim, who cannot be identified, was attacked in Leicester's Victoria Park. Credit: ITV News Central

A 17-year-old boy raped a woman in a park before attacking her with a paving slab, a court has heard.

The teenager admitted two counts of rape, causing grievous bodily harm and stealing the victim's handbag - but denies attempted murder.

Jurors at Leicester Crown Court heard the defendant allegedly left the victim - who cannot be identified - for dead after causing "truly dreadful" head injuries.

The boy, who cannot be identified because of his age, dragged the victim into the bushes, where she was found almost an hour later.

The defendant's parents contacted the police after seeing a CCTV image of the suspect. Credit: ITV News Central

Prosecutor Gordon Aspden said the woman would have died were it not for the treatment she received in hospital.

He said:

He was carrying a heavy object, possibly a paving stone or slab.

At one point during the attack the defendant dragged her off the path into the adjacent undergrowth.

There was violence throughout. He struck her repeatedly. She was hit on the head at least twice with that heavy object that the defendant had brought with him for that very purpose.

As a result of those blows she suffered truly dreadful, life-threatening head injuries.

– Gordon Aspden

The court also heard that three youths heard screaming and saw a woman struggling with a man, who appeared to be punching her repeatedly.

They dialled 999 at 11.38pm on July 3 but police who attended the scene did not spot the victim.

She was found 50 minutes later by a cyclist who saw blood and a hair-clip on the floor.

The defendant was reported to the police by his own parents. They recognised a CCTV image of a suspect in the park, which was issued during a police appeal for help.

The trial continues.