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  1. Michael Sibert

Eyewitness 'couldn't believe someone was alive' after motorway crash

The jury at Leicestershire Crown Court has heard from a passenger in a car on the M1 at the time of the crash. Steve Prince made his way over to the passenger’s side of the car.

“I asked her if she was alright. She said that she was dying. I told her that she’d be alright and that I wasn’t going anywhere… She couldn’t breathe, she kept telling me that and she kept on saying she was dying.”

Mr Prince was asked if he heard any sounds from the driver’s side, “I heard moans… I couldn’t believe that there was someone actually alive in there.”

  1. Michael Sibert

Jury hears from witnesses of crash in motorway murder trial

The jury in the murder trial of a man accused of deliberately causing the crash that killed his wife on a motorway in Leicestershire has been hearing from witnesses who were there at the time.

Ian Walters, who's 51, denies murdering Tracy Maria Walters, who was 48, in the crash on 21 March last year.

The scene of the crash last year Credit: Stephen Marriott/ITV News Central

Robin Goss, from Milton Keynes, was driving on the M1 near Markfield at the time and saw the crash. He told the court that Mr Walters made, what looked like, a conscious decision to steer towards the hard shoulder.

He said: “I saw what looked like a little explosion in front of me. A puff of bits of wood and plastic came into the hard shoulder then, unfortunately, two dogs.”

He pulled over to try to help.

“I saw there was a lot of steam coming out of the bonnet. I went up to the driver’s side and the roof was crushed down to the level of the door. I couldn’t see the top part of the driver… I went to talk to the lady. Her eyes were open and she was starring vacantly. She was making some very strange noises.”

There was also evidence from another witness to the crash, Gary Donald. He told the court that Mr Walter’s car overtook him in the outside lane.

He said, "as soon as it went past me it shot across in front of me. I saw no indication whatsoever. It was almost a straight turn because I was able to see the whole left side of the car.”

Yesterday, the prosecution told the jury how Tracy Walters had sent messages detailing abuse to her family whilst in the car. The court heard the couple were on the way home from a 'make-or-break' holiday to Yorkshire when the crash happened.

Ian Walters says he can't remember what happened as part of the crash, and that they were a happy couple. He denies murder. The trial continues.


Firefighters still tackling blaze over a day after it starts

About 60 firefighters are still tackling a blaze in Nottingham, over a day after it started.

The fire when it started on Monday Credit: Chris Tafft

It started on Monday afternoon in student accommodation on Player Street in Radford.

Radford Boulevard is closed with the surrounding area closed off. Fire crews from across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire have been deployed to the scene.

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