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Is this the tiniest portrait of Jesus in the world?

A minuscule portrait of Jesus Christ - thought to be the smallest image of him in the world - has been carved by a Birmingham sculptor.

The image of Jesus Christ is thought to be the smallest in the world
The image of Jesus Christ is thought to be the smallest in the world Credit: Graham Short

Graham Short created the microscopic image on the head of a pin from his studio in the Jewellery Quarter.

He designed the portrait to coincide with the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The carving was done on the head of a pin
The carving was done on the head of a pin Credit: Graham Short

Mr Short has also previously carved tiny portraits of other famous characters - including one of the Queen, created for her Diamond Jubilee.

See it here.

Delight as cancer-patient rescue dog finds new home

An RSPCA rescue dog who was diagnosed with cancer has finally be rehomed after months of being left on the shelf.

Eight-year-old Cleo was taken into the RSPCA Derby and District Branch, where a routine vet check discovered she had a number of mammory tumours which were likely to be cancerous, and would need an operation in future.

Volunteer Leanne Manchester said rehoming animals is tough enough in the current climate, without new owners having to worry about medical bills on top of the cost of keeping a pet.

Cleo has now found a new home
Cleo has now found a new home Credit: RSPCA

Staff launched an appeal for a new family willing to take her on - and, after a Facebook appeal was shared dozens of times, it reached a woman living on the Isle of Man.

Anita Williams has taken in several terminally ill animals in the past and offered Cleo the chance to join them.

Ms Manchester said everyone at the branch was overjoyed they had managed to find her a home.

We are just delighted that Cleo has found a loving new home after all the stress she has had.

We don’t know how long she has left – months or hopefully years – but we do know they are going to be filled with happiness and love.

We just hope that Cleo’s story will encourage more people to adopt dogs from the RSPCA as we have so many with sad background stories like Cleo.


Mystery 'black ring' spotted in Warwickshire skies

Experts have been left baffled after a Midland schoolgirl snapped a mysterious 'black ring' in the sky above Warwickshire.

Teenager Georgina Heap snapped the ring on her mobile phone after spotting it above Leamington Spa on Friday night.

Teenager Georgina Heap spotted the ring in the sky
Teenager Georgina Heap spotted the ring in the sky Credit: SWNS

She said the ring was in the sky for around three minutes before fading away.

No fires were reported in the area which may explain it, and the Met Office told the Daily Mail that it did not appear to be weather-related.

Other explanations include the possibility that it was a swarm of insects.

The 'black ring' spotted in the sky over Leamington Spa
The 'black ring' spotted in the sky over Leamington Spa Credit: SWNS

Theme park attempts to reclaim onesie world record

Onesie wearers head on rides at Drayton Manor which hopes to break World Record Credit: Drayton Manor Park

Onesie wearers are getting ready to reclaim a World Record title at a Midlands theme park this weekend.

Drayton Manor entered the record books in April last year when 700 people donned pyjamas for the day. They claimed the record for the biggest number of people gathered in a onesie. The record has since been beaten, the park are hoping to get more than 1,184 to reclaim the title.

Onesie wearers will also be asked to try for a second record at 10:30am on Saturday – the longest scream by a crowd of people.

According to Guinness World Records, the existing record was set in November 2013 in California. The record a group maintain a minimum of 80 decibels for two minutes and five seconds.


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