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  1. Tejinder Kaur

Midlands Memories: ITV 60 - behind the news !

ITV is celebrating its 60th birthday today, and to celebrate, we've found a fun Midlands Memories clip from our own archive of how our news operation worked back in 1982.

Click below to hear how news was gathered at source (remember, there was no social media back then !) and finally transmitted on Central News (as it was known back then). And look out for some faces who are still broadcasting for us today !

It's a real behind-the-scenes look - and it's always fun to see how the technology has changed !


  1. Tejinder Kaur

Midlands Memories: 1962 Queen visit - the police operation

As the Queen marks the milestone of becoming the longest-reigning monarch, we've found some Midlands Memories archive from 1962 about the police operation to ensure her visit to the West Midlands went smoothly.

In the video below, Lionel Hampden interviews a Walsall police officer about plans for the Queen's visit. The officer talks about deploying 400 officers for the Queen's visit to the Black Country and beyond, the co-operation between officers in Birmingham and Walsall, and even declares that all officers had to cancel their leave and work 12-hour days for the visit.

  1. Tejinder Kaur

Midlands Memories: 1960's football-transfer talk !

A selection of stories from the ITV News Central archive Credit: ITV News Central

We're opening up our ITV News Central archives and bringing you videos and stories from days gone by.

In the week that this season's football Transfer Deadline Day deals were done right up to the wire, we're opening our Midlands Memories series with a video featuring transfer-talk - from the 1960's !

Ten players at West Bromwich Albion ask for a block transfer from the club. Click below to see the video from 1963, featuring Simon Smith interviewing Don Howe and other players.

Click here for September 2015's latest football transfer deals.

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