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Peterborough gardener grows 'siamese cucumber'

The 'siamese cucumber' is very rare Credit: ITV

A Peterborough gardener has discovered a rare Siamese cucumber growing in his greenhouse. Jim Hogg says he's never seen anything like it in his forty years of gardening.

The 72 year old planted standard cucumber seeds and six weeks later made the discovery.

He's already eaten half of it in a salad and plans to finish the rest off soon.

Jim Hogg in his Peterborough greenhouse Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We'd got a good size cucumber and it looked a bit odd because it was oval, they're about as common as siamese twins in human beings which is one birth in 200,000."

– Jim Hogg, Cucumber grower

Birmingham Busk 'an opportunity for local musicians' to show off talent

The first ever Birmingham Busk event took place today at New Street Station to raise money for charity.

The event gave local musicians and performers a new way to show off their talents, all in aid of raising money for Action for Children.

The act that is judged to be the best will also secure a permanent busking site at the station.

Big busking event gives street performers chance to win permanent station spot

A big busking event takes place later at Birmingham New Street Station, as street performers and musicians will take to the floor in the central part of the station to showcase their talents.

The busking will take place inside Birmingham New Street station Credit: ITV News Central

The event, which has been organised by charity, Action for Children, and Network Rail, will also see whoever is judged the best performer given a permanent busking spot at the station.

The first Birmingham Busk is a fantastic chance for the many great performers in the city to have fun and entertain the crowds on a busy Saturday at New Street station.

As well as wowing the crowd with a dazzling performance there is a permanent pitch up for grabs. We'll also be collecting money to help us continue to support disadvantaged children from our region.

Come along and be entertained for free and contribute to a great cause.

– Amanda Quinn, Action for Children

It's getting this morning, finishing at 5pm.

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