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A third of West Midlanders given unwanted presents

A third of people in the West Midlands receive unwanted Christmas presents, according to research from Triodos Bank.

Younger people were found to get the more expensive unwanted gifts Credit: PA

The study found 32% get at least one, with 7% saying at least two, and 3% of people said they get three or more.

The average cost of these unwanted gifts per person is £220, with 13% of those who said they were given an unwanted gift saying the value of it was more than £750!

Hinckley councillor asks County Council to scrap Santa's sleigh parking ticket

A Hinckley councillor has asked Leicestershire County Council to scrap a parking ticket given to Santa's sleigh.

Chris Uttley was towing the sleigh when he got the ticket Credit: BPM Media

Volunteer Chris Uttley was towing the Hinckley Round Table sleigh when he stopped on zig-zag lines.

He said he only stopped for 30 seconds, but was given the £35 fine by a 'smug' traffic warden.

A Leicestershire County Council spokesperson had said they were reviewing the ticket.

But Michael Mullaney, who is the county councillor for Hinckley, has called for the ticket to be scrapped.

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