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  1. Tejinder Kaur

Ferris wheel in Leicester as the city celebrates Diwali and Christmas

Around three weeks to go until thousands of fireworks light up the East Midlands' night sky for Diwali. Leicester is already home to some of the biggest celebrations outside of India and the city's newest attraction for the big party is now in place.

This 110-foot Leicester Wheel of Light is now on Belgrave Road ahead of thousands of Diwali well-wishers coming to the area. Diwali itself is on the November 11, with an annual lights switch-on event on November 1.

The wheel will stay in Leicester for Christmas celebrations too.

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The Big Hoot raises over half a million pounds

Some of the owls as part of The Big Hoot Credit: ITV News Central

More than half a million pounds has been raised for Birmingham's Children's Hospital after 85 owl statues were auctioned off.

Tens of thousands of people searched for all 89 owls as part of The Big Hoot when they were hidden across Birmingham this summer.

  1. Tejinder Kaur

Midlands Memories: The One Direction of their day !

One Direction, widely recognised as the world's biggest boyband, played a concert in front of thousands of fans in Birmingham last night.

ITV News Central will have more from our exclusive chat with the guys, including Liam Payne from Wolverhampton at 6pm tonight - but before that, take a look below at our latest Midlands Memories update - and it's crowds again queuing up to see the world's biggest boyband ahead of a concert in the Midlands - but this time back in the 1960's !

The Beatles were becoming a huge name and our 1963 archive video below shows scores of queues of fans at Coventry Theatre trying to get tickets for their next big gig.

Nowadays those waiting scenes are replicated online as websites crash under the amount of fans trying to buy tickets for their favourite bands and artists !


Secret stowaway kitten found in plane hold taken on by rescue centre

A stowaway kitten discovered at Birmingham Airport aboard a shipment from Egypt has found refuge with a cat rescue group in Derby.

Cairo looks happy after 14 days of quarantine Credit: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

After the six-week-old cat, named Cairo, survived the long journey in the hold of an aeroplane, officers from Solihull Council Public Protection team out her into quarantine facilities.

After 14 days of observation, they had three choices - to send her back to Egypt; having her put to sleep; or keep her in quarantine for a further three-and-a-half months, at a cost of more than £1,000.

This is how Cairo looked when she was first found Credit: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

But Lina's Cat Rescue were contacted and said they would take full responsibility for costs and welfare during and after her quarantine period, which ends in December.

Also, after hearing about what happened, Emirates Airline also offered to cover the costs of the full quarantine process.

Once that period is over, the rescue home can begin searching for a new home for the cat.

The kitten can be re-homed after the full quarantine period is over Credit: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
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