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Family of blue tits make cigarette bin their new home

The cigarette bin is now home to a family of blue tits Credit: BPM Media

A family of blue tits have found an unlikely new nesting place- in a cigarette bin at a hotel near Walsall!

The birds have opted for the ash-filled bin over hedgerows around the Fairlawns Hotel in Aldridge.

It's believed the pair have chicks inside the bin Credit: BPM Media

The tiny birds have been keeping guests fascinated as they fly in and out of the ash tray, but smokers are less impressed.

After the tits arrived, hotel management immediately took the bin out of action.

Hotel deputy manager Neil Wyatt said:

The bins at the Fairlawns hotel is now out-of-action for smokers Credit: BPM Media

“The bin is only waist high, so we were very surprised the blue tits chose it for a home.We first noticed they were flying in and out two weeks ago. Since then, they’ve been very busy.

“They’ve been taking food inside, so we know there’s young in there.It’s just a case of waiting for them to come out – hopefully, without a nicotine addiction.”

Shopkeeper's selfie as Cameron pops in for ice cream

A shopkeeper in Nottingham had a very surprise customer recently, reports the Nottingham Post, when Prime Minister David Cameron stopped off at his petrol station,

Krunal Barot was behind the till at the LMP Service Station at Stragglethrope Crossroads in Cropwell Bishop, when the Prime Minister popped in for an ice cream. Mr Barot told the Post he couldn't believe his eyes, but did find the time to get a selfie with Mr Cameron..


Nottinghamshire man grows world record cauliflower

Mr Glazebrook's cauliflower was judged by 7 officials Credit: Caters

A Nottinghamshire man has entered the record books for a fifth time, after he grew a 27kg cauliflower.

Peter Glazebrook, grew the vegetable in his greenhouse in Newark. He already owns four world records for longest beetroot and parsnip and the heaviest onion and potato.

The cauliflower weighed in at 27.485kg when it was judged to be the record holder by 7 adjudicators, breaking the record by 3kg.

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