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Animal welfare charity: Dog attacks on horses rising

An animal welfare charity in Warwickshire says the number of dog attacks on horses is rising.

Dog attacks on horses are on the up in the Midlands Credit: ITV News

The British Horse Society has dealt with more than 80 attacks on horses in the Midlands since 2010.

The figures comes as police investigate the deaths of three ponies who died in Dudley last week after a suspected dog attack.


Pictures: Hundreds of fish rescued from Birmingham canal

Dams are placed at both ends of the canal to section it off. Credit: ITV News Central
The water is drained to just under 2 foot using specialist pumps. Credit: ITV News Central
A small electric current is used to safely stun the fish. Credit: ITV News Central
The stunned fish are collected and moved to deeper water. Credit: ITV News Central

Fish moved to a deeper section of Birmingham canal

Workers slowly collecting the fish to move them deeper water. Credit: ITV News Central

Teams from the Canal and River Trust have been working to rescue a section of Birmingham's canal network of fish.

The fish are being moved to deeper water in order for the section to be drained and enable repair teams to fix a suspected leak.

Workers have been methodically sweeping the area with a small electric current which safely stuns the fish and allows them to be more easily collected.


Badger cull is 'ineffective, inhumane and unnecessary' says Vegan Society

Jimmy Pierce from the Vegan Society told ITV News today that the badger cull is 'ineffective, inhumane and entirely unnecessary.'

The Vegan Society are asking people to cut out dairy from their diet to remove the demand for cows milk and stop the need for badger culling.

Pictures of anti-culling protesters in Birmingham city centre

They gathered outside a meeting of the National Farmers' Union, and they say farmers exaggerate the harm caused by badgers to dairy cows Credit: ITV Central
The march was part of the Birmingham Wildlife Festival and protesters described themselves as the 'Badger Army' Credit: ITV Central
The campaigners marched from Centenary Square to St Philip's Cathedral, demanding badger culling be stopped Credit: ITV Central
Bill Oddie OBE attended the festival and spoke out for animal rights Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds march through Birmingham against badger culls

Protesters marched from Centenary Square to St Philip's Cathedral Credit: ITV Central

Hundred of protesters gathered in Birmingham city centre today to protest against planned badger culls.

The protesters gathered in Centenary Square, outside the annual conference of the National Farmers' Union (NFU). The NFU says badger culling is necessary to stop the spread of disease in dairy cows, but the protesters disagree.

They want the government to put a stop to badger culling altogether.

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