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Beware! New dog walking rules come into force

Dog walkers in Coventry are facing fines if they let their dogs run free in certain parts of the city.

The new dog control orders which came in to force today also restrict the number of dogs any one person can walk at once. The council says the public support the plans, but some dog owners are worried its targeting the wrong people.

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How far should dog control go?

Should there be a limit on how many dogs you can walk at one time? Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Today, Coventry City Council introduces new dog control orders that include restrictions on owners taking dogs into children's play areas and a requirement for dogs to be on a lead in some areas of parks and open spaces.

There will also be a limit on the number of dogs a person can have with them at any one time.

What is your opinion on this?

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Aldi: Spider eggs found on bananas 'totally harmless'

Spider eggs discovered in a bunch of bananas bought from Aldi have been found to belong to a harmless species, the supermarket has said.

Keith Hobbs and his family fled their home, which was fumigated, after they were told they may have been from a venomous Brazilian wandering spider.

It was feared the spider eggs belonged to a deadly Brazilian wandering spider. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Aldi branch temporarily shut yesterday amid fears the spider could be in the store but reopened after no spiders were found.

The safety of our customers is our absolute number one priority and as such, the bananas in question were immediately removed from the store as a precautionary measure. Following independent expert analysis, we can confirm that the eggs in question were totally harmless and not from the Brazilian Wandering Spider (Phoneutria fera).

Whilst our bananas are of the highest quality and delivered by one of the world's largest suppliers these incidents, whilst extremely rare, can occur and we apologise for the distress caused to Mr Hobbs and his family.

– Aldi spokesman

Vet warns cat owners after spate of shootings

A veterinary nurse from Worksop in Nottinghamshire is warning pet owners to be on their guard, after two cats were shot with pellet guns in Kilton.

This is one of the cats that needed medical treatment after being badly wounded in an attack earlier this week. The incidents, which happened on two separate occasions, have been reported to Nottinghamshire Police.

Here vet Suzhy Winfield explains what owners need to look out for.


Dog owners warned after spate of deer attacks

There have been an increase in deer attacks in Leicestershire Credit: ITV News Central

A popular country park in Leicestershire is urging dog owners to keep control of their pets this Bank Holiday Monday after seeing an increase in deer attacks.

The Bradgate Park Trust say dogs are to blame for the deaths of 30 deer during this winter and spring.

Deer are heavily pregnant at this time of year and they are asking people to stop their dogs from chasing them.

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