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Cat dumped in Nottingham city centre Tesco

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was dumped at a Tesco store in Nottingham City Centre.

A man with his hood up walked into the Tesco Metro store in Victoria Centre at 6.30pm on Saturday 2 January and put a blue carrier bag containing the cat next to the counter, before walking away.

Victoria is now being looked after by the RSPCA

The black and white female cat - thought to be aged about two - is in good health and is currently in the RSPCA’s care. She has been named Victoria after the shopping centre where she was dumped.

This was a very unusual thing to happen, as the Victoria Centre is a busy place so someone must have seen this man walking into the shopping centre with a cat in a blue pet carrier."

– Susan Hammond, RSPCA inspector
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