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Lost seal searches for fish in Lincolnshire village

A lost seal has been spotted 27 miles inland in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire Credit: Kerry Unwin Photography

A lost seal has been spotted 27 miles inland in Lincolnshire while it was fishing for food.

The seal was found at Low Locks, off the River Welland, near Deeping St James.

Normally found in the Wash, it is reported to have appeared in the Lincolnshire village during the last week.

The RSPCA believe the seal was following a dredger that was turning up fish and it is likely the easy meal is what has brought it inland.

The seal was found at Low Locks, off the River Welland, near Deeping St James. Credit: Kerry Unwin Photography

Dog shot through the head finds new home

Ziggy in October Credit: RSPCA

A dog abandoned with a 20-inch crossbow bolt through his head has found a new home.

Ziggy, a two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was shot at close range near Peterborough by an attacker but the bolt just missed his brain, eyes and ears.

He was found wandering in woodland and veterinary surgeons removed the carbon fibre missile last October.

Three months later Ziggy is now settling in with his new owners Dominic O'Hare and his girlfriend Anna Burton-Wood.

The couple said that when they saw pictures of Ziggy they knew immediately they wanted to adopt him.

As soon as we met him, I knew everything I had thought was true. He is just a big softie.

– Dominic O'Hare, Ziggy's new owner


Two swan carcasses found dumped in Leicester flats

The remains of two swan carcasses have been found dumped in Leicester.

The swans - who had been skinned - were discovered in a cupboard at flats on Friday.

A stock photo of a swan Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment/PA

The RSPCA is appealing for information amid fears the person responsible could strike again.

The swans had been skinned.

There were just the legs, wings and heads left, dumped in a cupboard.

There was no flesh left and whoever was responsible knew what they were doing.

It isn’t clear exactly how they were killed and the bodies are in no condition to make a post-mortem possible.This is the first time I’ve ever come across an incident like this myself, but the big fear is that if someone has done it once then they might do it again.

– RSPCA inspector Clint Davies

It is illegal to kill or injure a swan, or disturb a swan's nest. Anyone who breaks the law can be fined or sent to prison.

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Nottingham cases of animal cruelty rising say RSPCA

Cases of animal cruelty and neglect are on the increase in Nottinghamshire according to the RSPCA.

The charity says the number of people prosecuted for beating and stabbing their pets has doubled in the past year.

The number of animals being abandoned and left to die has also risen.

Just to warn you Phil Brewster's report contains pictures which some viewers may find upsetting.


Dogs (and their owners) flock to the NEC in Birmingham

Today is the start of the Ladies Kennel Association Championship. Credit: ITV News Central
More than 158 different breeds will be on show. Credit: ITV News Central
Dog lovers from across the country flocked to the NEC. Credit: ITV News Central
One of those competing is 13-year-old Elise O'Conner from Malvern. Credit: ITV News Central

MP calls for action after pets killed by antifreeze

Mark Spencer, the MP for Sherwood, will use a debate in Parliament today to call for action to prevent animals being killed by consuming antifreeze.

Penny had to be put down after she had consumed a toxic substance Credit: Lee Poole, Owner

It follows the suspected poisoning of more than 20 cats in the village of Calverton in Nottinghamshire.

More: Cat owners fear for pets' safety after suspected poisoning

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