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Will Rosie get a ‘furrytail’ ending just in time for her 11th birthday?

Credit: BPM Media

The Labrador was first taken in by Kenilworth Dogs Trust as a puppy in 2006. Since coming into the centre she has been rehomed and returned three times.

Staff at the centre have described Rosie as a “gorgeous lady who has a real zest for life”.

Credit: BPM Media

Rosie is house trained, good with other dogs and is good to travel in cars. However she will need some time to adjust to living in a house again after spending so long in kennels.

Her carers have said that if she must be alone, then that needs to be built up over time and she needs to be left with some toys to keep her entertained.

Rosie really enjoys life and we are desperate to see her finally be able to do all the things she enjoys in a loving home.

Rosie has been at the rehoming centre so long and her affectionate personality has made a big impression on the staff who are very keen to see her find the love she deserves.

We have our fingers firmly crossed that she will achieve objective one of her list and find a loving new owner.

She can be quite timid when meeting new people so would prefer a quiet adult home with understanding owners who will help her settle into a home after so long in a kennel environment.

– Jane Hirons, Dogs Trust Kenilworth supporter relations officer
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Four legged police recruits start training

Brothers in paws, Mac and Olly Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Four new police recruits will be working together across four forces, including Lincolnshire.

The East Midlands Operational Support Service has recruited four new trainee police puppies called Riggs, Lionel, Olly and Mac.

Olly, an 11-week-old German Shepherd will be based in Lincolnshire and his brother, Mac, in Northamptonshire. Riggs and Lionel, who are 18 week old Dutch Herders, will be based in Nottinghamshire. They will, however, work across all four forces of the EMOS collaboration during their working career.

They are all general purpose police dogs who will be trained to work in a variety of conditions including searching for suspects or missing people, locating dropped or hidden objects and chasing suspects and detaining them.

Meet the team Credit: Lincolnshire Police
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Seal pup with broken jaw has life-saving operation

Seal pup had broken jaw Credit: Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

A week-old seal pup with a broken lower jaw is recovering after a delicate life-saving operation in Norfolk.

Christened ‘Bonnie’ by rescuers at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, the female common seal pup was found –seemingly abandoned – alongside another uninjured pup on Old Hunstanton beach.

It was not until we got her back to the Sanctuary for a detailed examination that we discovered her damaged jaw. She probably got in the way of an unfriendly adult and got bitten on the chin. Hers is a particularly nasty injury, and one we’ve not come across before in many years of seal rescue, but we are hopeful she will make a full recovery.

– Seal care expert Kieran Copeland
Bonnie about to have her op Credit: Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

Experienced veterinary surgeon Chris Tansley from the Coastal Veterinary Group in Snettisham performed the delicate procedure to wire the broken pieces of her jaw to help them knit back together.

Bonnie is now under close observation in her own cublicle in the Sanctuary’s indoor hospital and being tube fed a special formula fish soup.

Here's a report by Emily Knight:

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S...s...s...slippery call-out for firefighters

Firefighters in Gainsborough were called out to deal with a slippery character.... Billy the boa constrictor had got himself into a tight squeeze, and was trapped inside a wall-mounted gas fire. But with a little coaxing and tugging he was eventually freed and reunited with his family.

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