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  1. Chris Halpin

Burslem defends country’s highest % of empty shops

Burslem in Staffordshire has, for the second year running, been named the worst place in the country for empty shops.

A study by the national retail analyst, Local Data Company, says a third of units in Stoke-on-Trent's 'mother' town are unoccupied. But the city council and local businesses reject the report and insist things in Burslem are getting better. Chris Halpin reports.


  1. National

Business Secretary refuses to discuss stance on EU

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has refused to speak about his decision to vote for Britain to remain within the EU.

Earlier this week, Mr Javid wrote an editorial for the Daily Mail claiming that while he would not vote for Britain to join the EU, with a "heavy heart" he would be voting 'in' come the referendum in June.

After meeting with businesses earlier today, the Bromsgrove MP brushed off further questions from reporters, before being ushered away by his aides.


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