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New archaeological treasures at Rufford Abbey

Nottinghamshire community archaeologists are investigating whether there may be the remains of another medieval mill at Rufford Abbey - built by the monks there in the past to serve their estate.

The archaeologists are exploring the area around an apparently ornamental ruin Credit: Simon Cooper/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The archaeologists are exploring the area around an apparently ornamental ruin at the end of the Orangery garden.

Councillor John Knight at Nottinghamshire County Council says Rufford Abbey has a "fascinating history" and that "the purpose of these small-scale excavations is to assess the condition of the buried remains so that we can get an understanding of how much more we might still be able to learn from the archaeology here."

"A thousand years of history and stories lie beneath the country park; from monastic worship and industry, to one of the most intriguing grand houses in the county."


Peregrine Falcon shot dead in Staffordshire

An adult Peregrine Falcon Credit: Sebastian Willnow/DPA/Press Association Images

A Peregrine Falcon has been killed in North Staffordshire.

The bird was found dead on May 7 and police are appealing for information about what happened.

"Peregrine Falcons are a rare species which means the birds, their nests, and eggs, are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

"It is a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take a Peregrine, or to disturb it whilst nesting.?

"Officers are working closely with colleagues at the RSPB and inquiries into this incident are ongoing."?

– Sergeant Mark Joynson, from Staffordshire Police
A Peregrine Falcon Credit: Sebastian Willnow/DPA/Press Association Images

"Peregrines are magnificent birds and to shoot one is not only cruel, but needless and selfish.

"It has taken decades for the Peregrine population to recover from the devastating effects of pesticide contamination in the latter half of the last century, and yet we still find them targeted year on year by people who hold a grudge against them.

"The RSPB is offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible." ?

– RSPB Intelligence Officer Helen Mason

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Staffordshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 200 of May 9.

Fly-tipping - the scourge of of our countryside

In the latest instalment in our series on litter in the Midlands, Rajiv Popat explores the problem of fly-tipping.

Every year, tens of thousands of cars, bath tubs, children's toys and even kitchen sinks are dumped across our countryside. But despite the scale of the fly-tipping, there have only been 150 prosecutions.

In a special report, Rajiv Popat looks at the modern day scourge that blights our landscape and affects the lives of residents, businesses and farmers.


Malvern Spring Festival gets underway in 30th year

The Malvern Spring Festival gets underway today, with a special show to celebrate the event's 30th anniversary.

The show is in its 30th year Credit: ITV News Central

It is the oldest regional Royal Horticultural Society show, and takes place at the Three Counties Showground until Sunday.

Demonstrations from famous chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Gregg Wallace will mark the milestone.

The annual event takes place at the Three Counties Showground Credit: ITV News Central

Sunday has also been christened Family Day, designed to get young budding gardeners interested, with workshops from children's TV hosts and Blue Peter gardener, Chris Collins.

Emotional Shropshire farmer says smaller herds are suffering

Nicky Harris told ITV News Central that big supermarkets are holding dairy farmers to ransom.

She said she'll have to pick some of her herd to go to slaughter this week just to keep the wolves from the door.

She has set up a campaign page to raise awareness.

Shropshire farmer takes tough decision to slaughter her dairy cows

Nicky Harris is struggling to pay the bills. Credit: ITV News Central

Nicky Harris, a farmer in Shropshire, says she's distraught that she'll have to send some of her dairy cows away for slaughter this week because of falling milk prices.

She says big supermarkets are holding dairy-farmers to ransom with such low prices and many farms in the area are struggling to keep going.

The increasing pressure has meant sending the cows for slaughter is the only way to pay the bills.

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