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Derbyshire school shut for 'deep clean'

Derbyshire school shut for 'deep clean' Credit: Google street view

A school in Derbyshire was forced to close today due to blocked drains in the building's toilets.

Street Lane Primary School is now undergoing a deep clean.

Natasha Cooke, headteacher of Street Lane Primary School in Ripley, said:

We were forced to close school today due to blocked drains in the building’s toilets.

The drains have now been unblocked and a deep clean is in progress.

School will reopen following the half term holiday on Monday 6 June.

– Natasha Cooke

It comes just days after another Derbyshire school was forced to shut to eradicate a viral bug which had left many pupils and staff sick.

Dudley bomb threat believed to be hoax

Dudley bomb threat believed to be hoax Credit: PA

Police are investigating after a bomb threat was made to a school in Dudley this morning.

School children had to be evacuated from Earls High School, however officers believe it was a hoax.

Superintendent Phil Dolby said:

We are investigating after a bomb threat was called through to a school in Dudley this morning (Friday 27 May). Earls High School received the call at around 10.30am.

Pupils have been moved out of the main buildings but remain on school premises at this time and officers are currently at the scene.

At this early stage police believe the report to be false and malicious.

– Phil Dolby


  1. Chris Halpin

Teenager claims school is forcing her to use wheelchair

A teenager from Tamworth with a rare degenerative disease says she feels forced into using a wheelchair so she can go back to school.

Millie-Mae Ormsby has a condition called Fredreich's Ataxia, meaning that every day it becomes harder to walk, talk and control movement. She says she can walk with support, and last week the school carried out risk assessments, but the 14-year-old says they were designed for her to fail, and she felt humiliated in front of her friends.

The headteacher of Wilnecote High School says he must ensure the teenager is safe when she comes back, but they haven't said that she must be in a wheelchair to come back. Chris Halpin reports.

Pictures: University lecturers at picket lines at Nottingham University

Nottingham University lecturers are at the picket lines today at the start of the 48-hour strike over an unresolved pay row.

UCU picket line at Nottingham University Credit: ITV News Central/ Peter Bearne
UCU picket line at Nottingham University Credit: ITV News Central/ Peter Bearne
UCU picket line at Nottingham University Credit: ITV News Central/ Peter Bearne

Midlands university lecturers to begin 48-hour strike over unresolved pay row

Lecturers at universities across the Midlands are joining a UK wide 48-hour strike today after talks failed to resolve a pay row.

Credit: PA

Protests are planned around the UK with rallies taking place in Nottingham, Birmingham, Brighton, Belfast, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) will also refuse to work overtime, set additional work, or undertake any voluntary duties like covering timetabled classes for absent colleagues.

We will have more updates from the picket lines through the day.

Derbyshire school headteacher: 'Deep clean was the best thing to do to eradicate the bug'

A primary school in Derbyshire has been closed for the day after more than one in six children went down with sickness and diarrhoea.

Council cleaners are disinfecting St John's C of E Primary in Belper from top to bottom. It's the second deep clean this week at the school where 86 pupils and three staff have been taken ill. The source of the bug is unclear.

Roger Averis Headteacher told our reporter Peter Bearne Public Health England used the word 'viral' and explained the bug had come into the school:


  1. Anglia

Northampton school having to be creative to cope with demand for places

A rise in demand for school places in Northamptonshire has forced the county council to convert existing office blocks into schools - because new ones can't be built.

The county's seen an increase in pupil numbers of almost 40 per cent in ten years.

One school in Northampton's so keen to make the most of existing space, it's planning to turn its rooftop into a playground.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Stuart Leithes.

  1. Anglia

Parachute from space balloon falls to earth

Students have found a parachute from a high altitude balloon they sent into the Near Space region of the earth's atmosphere.

The balloon on its ascent to Near Space Credit: ITV News Anglia

Pupils at Fakenham Academy in Norfolk launched the balloon from Elsworth in Cambridgeshire, and it rose to more than 26,000 metres.

The balloon burst, as planned, when it reached high altitude and the parachute with a computer and camera attached came down at Bourne near Peterborough.

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