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Leicester to welcome music industry giants

Big names from Hollywood and the wider international music market are hosting a number of sessions in Leicester aimed at inspiring the next generation of musicians.

The British Centre for Music and Enterprise (BCME) is hosting six sessions in the city, in a bid to discover the next music stars and industry professionals.

Aspiring music industry teams being tutored Credit: Media TwentyFour

The big names involved in the Leicester sessions include Greg Castell (Managing Director of Mercury Records and Emile Sande’s manager), Tim Bulleyment (A&R Director, MCA and Hollywood Records), Ste Allen (Dealmaker Label), DJ SS (top DJ and co-founder at Formation Records), and Brad Kavanagh (signed to Warner Music and Nickelodeon television star).

The hunt is on to find the next generation of music stars Credit: Media TwentyFour

Q&A sessions will be held along with four specific sessions run by BCME tutors, giving students an inside scoop of working within the ever-changing music industry. The sessions begin on May the 6th.

“These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wishes to progress their career in the global music industry. Enrolled students will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask accomplished professionals how to get ahead in the industry through interactive Q&A events.

While we hope to bring more such courses to the city as part of our annual calendar, it will truly be a first-of-its-kind for Leicester”.

– Ajay Naik,Chief Executive Officer of BCME
Students look to get into the music industry Credit: Media TwentyFour

Cox to open new manufacturing and engineering centre

Television star and physicist Professor Brian Cox will be visiting Dudley College today to officially open their new centre for manufacturing and engineering.

Professor Brian Cox will be in Dudley today Credit: PA

He will be on hand to engage in some hands on science with year 10 students to test out the new facilities. The professor will also deliver a lecture on 'Exploring the universe through engineering and science' to the young people attending.

Joining in the Dudley Advance launch celebrations is a great opportunity for me to meet so many young people enjoying science related activities in this fantastic new training centre.

Science is so exciting, so fun events like this are a great way to get everybody involved and thinking about the career options science, technology, engineering and maths subjects can offer.

The launch has provided an excellent opportunity for these young minds to get involved and be inspired to become the next generation of scientists, star-gazers and skilled engineers of the future.

– Professor Brian Cox


NHS tops poll as most important issue to students

An election debate featuring MPs from all five English parties has been held at Birmingham City University this evening as a poll conducted by the university finds that the NHS is the most important issue to students.

A debate featuring all five English parties took place at Birmingham City University this evening Credit: Joseph Devo

The results mirror the latest Ipsos Mori monthly issues index, which polls the wider population and frequently shows the NHS as the number one priority for voters.

Nearly 20 per cent of student respondents said the NHS was the most important issue to them, closely followed by immigration at 17.6 per cent. The same percentage was returned for tuition fees, closely followed by unemployment at 12.8 per cent and low wages at 11.7 per cent.

Our poll shows that students place the same amount of importance on the future of the NHS as the wider population.

We are the region’s largest provider of qualified health and social care professionals to the NHS, and many of our students feel passionately about it as an election issue.

– Louise Toner, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University

A new poll asking students 'Which party are you planning on voting for?' goes out today.

Work starts on new school in Nottinghamshire

The new project will include a three story building and a new sports hall. Credit: Arnold Hill Academy

Work on a new £14 million pounds school building gets underway in Nottinghamshire today.

1,700 pupils will benefit from the state-of-the-art three storey building at Arnold Hill Academy.

The new three storey square building will have a 4-court indoor sports hall and theatre with moving walls will form the centre of the block with classrooms, including a dance studio, ICT rooms, food rooms and art rooms, wrapped around them.

New outdoor sports facilities will also be created including 2 football pitches, 2 rugby pitches and a 300m grass running track.

The lower school building and sixth from centre will remain but all three buildings will be closer together, which staff say will reduce the walk from one site to another.


Verdict due in headmistress misconduct hearing

A disciplinary panel will announce whether it finds a sacked headteacher from Nottinghamshire guilty of unacceptable professional misconduct this morning.

Margaret Gretton is facing allegations of racism, discrimination of special needs pupils and bullying Credit: ITV News Central

Margaret Gretton was dismissed from her job at Burton Joyce Primary School in 2013 after a special investigation by ITV News Central.

The panel considering her case has heard a range of allegations including racism and discrimination against children with special needs.

Miss Gretton denies all the allegations against her.

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