School-leavers across the Midlands will receive their GCSE results today.

GCSEs: What to do now you've finished?

All school-leavers must stay in education or training- but what if you don't know what to do OR you've missed out on the grades you wanted?

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Government talking to Ofsted about expanding their whistleblowing arrangements following Trojan Horse

The Education Minister, Lord Nash, has said some teachers have been suspended for causing harassment amid the so-called "Trojan Horse" allegations of a takeover plot in Birmingham.

Lord Nash also said the goverment is in talks with Ofsted about expanding their whistleblowing arrangements.

Labour peer Baroness Bakewell asked during question time in the Lords:

"After the Trojan Horse allegations, it has been reported teachers who did speak out at the time are now suffering harassment and the threat of losing their jobs.

So what is the Government proposing as a way of protecting whistleblowers locally so that they are given enough courage to come forward and speak out?"

– Labour peer Baroness Bakewell

Lord Nash replied:

"You raise a very good point. We are doing all we can to ensure this is not happening.

Indeed, there are some teachers who we have particular concerns about who have now been suspended from their jobs, who themselves have been causing harassment, and we are talking to Ofsted about expanding their whistleblowing arrangements for exactly this kind of situation."

– Lord Nash

A Government-ordered inquiry into the allegations concluded there had been "co-ordinated, deliberate and sustained action" by a number of individuals to introduce an "intolerant and aggressive Islamic ethos" into a few schools in the city.


Al-Madinah free school 'making reasonable progress'

The Al-Madinah school in Derby
The Al-Madinah school in Derby Credit: Rui Vieira/PA

The Al-Madinah free school in Derby has been rated as making "reasonable progress" following the latest visit by Ofsted.

It is the second inspection since new Trustees were in place. Inspectors said the children's achievement is improving thanks to better teaching.

The pupils' behaviour was described as "exemplary" and parents told inspectors that they have seen an improvement in the way the school is organised.

In November last year the school was described as "dysfunctional".


Head's Tales: A week in the life of a primary headteacher - part two

by Peter Bearne, Education Correspondent

In the second part of our special series, "Head's Tales", we find out how Mansfield Primary School Headteacher Sarah Moore tries to get the best out of her pupils.

ITV News Central cameras have been given unprecedented access to film Sarah at work in Oak Tree Primary in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

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