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Lady Gaga to perform in Birmingham on world tour

Lady Gaga performing at this year's Super Bowl. Credit: PA Images

Lady Gaga will be performing in Birmingham as part of her 'Joanne' world tour.

The singer has sold over 30 million albums world-wide and 150 million single sales, making her one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Gaga is also one of the biggest stars on social media with over 65 million followers on Twitter and over 21.3 million followers on Instagram.

She will be appearing at the Barclaycard Arena on the 15th October.


  1. Robert Townsend

Weekend Picks: The Frog Prince at the Concordia

The Concordia Theatre, Hinckley, Leicestershire: Saturday February 4th - 14:30 & 17:30

Credit: The Concordia.

Just when you thought Panto season was behind you...oh no it isn't...but it will be after this weekend.

It's the final chance to catch the enchanting tale of the Frog Prince, beginning with the story behind the penniless Kingdom of Penuria.

The kingdom is ruled over by King Impecunia, who is in turn ruled by his wife Queen Penny the Lesser, and, as the story unfolds they have just welcomed the birth of a Prince, Prince Paragon.

The production features many other realms including the fabulously wealthy Kingdom of Splendora – they have gold mines, diamond mines and oil fields (they are loaded).

Prince Paragon is smitten with the Princess Lily but are they destined to meet and fall in love or will an evil spell stand in their way?

To find out, you'll have to make a date with the Concordia Theatre this weekend.

  1. Robert Townsend

Weekend Picks: The Birmingham Horror Trail

The Gunmakers Arms, Bath Street, Birmingham: February 4th, 7pm

Credit: Birmingham Horror.

It may be some time before the next halloween but that doesn't mean those with a paranormal interest have to lose spirit.

If you're Interested in the dark fantasy fiction of writers like MR James, Shirley Jackson and Stephen King, then this is one weekend pick that's definitely for you.

Perhaps the horror films of George Romero, Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro are your thing? well the Birmingham Horror Group offers a relaxed forum for all fans of the genre to meet and discuss their favourite writers.

Swap tales of inspirational artists and film-makers, and, there is the occasional special guest appearance by leading creators, curators and the groups honorary president, the writer and critic Ramsey Campbell.

It's free, so don't be spooked, pay the Birmingham Horror group a visit this weekend.

  1. Robert Townsend

Weekend Picks: Photography in the Peaks

Eyam Hall and Craft Centre: 12:00-16:00 Saturday February 4th

Credit: ITV News.

Photographers everywhere flock to the Peak District to take advantage of the beautiful scenery which covers the vast uplands at the most Southerly point of the Pennines.

The district stretches from the Midlands rights across the North West of England and over in to Yorkshire. It's an area of diverse extremes, where moorland meets stone-age and several different worlds collide.

The Peak District National Park became the first to receive the status in the UK in 1951 and attracts millions of visitors each year.

Taking part in the Eyam Hall 'Through a Lense photography walk' leaders will take you to some fantastic Peak District locations so you can get that perfect shot.

Be inspired by the beautiful Derbyshire scenery, and share ideas and tips with other passionate photographers.

The event is organised by the National Trust, booking is essential.

  1. Robert Townsend

Weekend Picks: The Nottingham Digital Pathfinder

Credit: Experience Nottingham.

Ey-up! When's the last time you went for a tour of your hometown? Perhaps took a trip down the road less travelled? Well, here's a perfect opportunity to get out this weekend and take in the sights and the sounds Nottingham has to offer.

Some bright spark down at Experience Nottingham has put together a new digital app to help you along your way, and it launches in the city this weekend.

The individual trail has been put together to share some of the best-loved landmarks and favourite facts about the city, past and present.

The tour should take around one to two hours to walk, depending on your pace and will introduce you to some of the most notorious, fun, and fascinating parts of the City Centre, it's a varied terrain so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

You can expect to see castles and caves, pubs and prisons and mirrors and masterpieces along your way, be sure to download the app before you leave, just search for 'Nottingham Trail' on the app store or at Google Play.

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