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Badger cull is 'ineffective, inhumane and unnecessary' says Vegan Society

Jimmy Pierce from the Vegan Society told ITV News today that the badger cull is 'ineffective, inhumane and entirely unnecessary.'

The Vegan Society are asking people to cut out dairy from their diet to remove the demand for cows milk and stop the need for badger culling.

Major Oak in running to be European Tree of the year

Robin hood re-enactors at Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire Credit: PA

Nottinghamshire's most famous tree the Major Oak could become even more famous if it wins the title of European Tree of the year next week.

People are being urged to vote for the mighty oak made famous by the legend of Robin Hood, in the final week of the online poll.

A wintry Major Oak in Sherwood Forest earlier this year Credit: PA

The Major Oak has already gained 6,000 votes but is being beaten by entries from Hungary and Estonia.

To see the other entrants, and to place your vote CLICK HERE.

Pictures of anti-culling protesters in Birmingham city centre

They gathered outside a meeting of the National Farmers' Union, and they say farmers exaggerate the harm caused by badgers to dairy cows Credit: ITV Central
The march was part of the Birmingham Wildlife Festival and protesters described themselves as the 'Badger Army' Credit: ITV Central
The campaigners marched from Centenary Square to St Philip's Cathedral, demanding badger culling be stopped Credit: ITV Central
Bill Oddie OBE attended the festival and spoke out for animal rights Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds march through Birmingham against badger culls

Protesters marched from Centenary Square to St Philip's Cathedral Credit: ITV Central

Hundred of protesters gathered in Birmingham city centre today to protest against planned badger culls.

The protesters gathered in Centenary Square, outside the annual conference of the National Farmers' Union (NFU). The NFU says badger culling is necessary to stop the spread of disease in dairy cows, but the protesters disagree.

They want the government to put a stop to badger culling altogether.


Fish rescue in leaking Birmingham canal delayed

The Worcester Stop Lock at Gas Street Basin in Birmingham Credit: Canal & River Trust

Thousands of fish are being rescued from a stretch of canal in Birmingham city centre this weekend after it sprung a leak earlier this week.

The Canal & River Trust were originally expected to start work this afternoon, but they have been forced to postpone until tomorrow.

They are to drain a 200 metre section of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal to investigate water seeping from an aqueduct into a service road and disused railway tunnel.

The fish will be stunned with electricity, before being taken out of the drained canal by experts.

Rubbish collectors to 'check' recycling bins in Northamptonshire

Collection crews will now check recycling bins for 'contamination' Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA

Household bins in Wellingborough are going to be checked to reduce the amount of ordinary rubbish put in the green 'recycling' bins.

If any 'contamination' is found, the bins will not be emptied and householders will be contacted if non recyclable rubbish is found in them.

The move comes after new figures show the town has the lowest recycling rate in the whole of Northamptonshire.

RSPCA fear local birds are being targeted with air rifles

An RSPCA inspector says he is worried more animals could be at risk after the latest incident of a bird being killed by someone targeting wildlife with an air rifle in Birmingham.

RSPCA fear local birds are being targeted. Credit: Hinrich BÀsemann/Press Association Images

Inspectors were called after a member of the public discovered a dead crow, in Brandwood Road, King’s Heath, it had been shot through the neck.

They fear the same person could be responsible for a spate of shootings in the same area last spring.

"An X-ray showed that there were shards of an airgun pellet still lodged in the crow’s neck, as well as clear entry and exit wounds.

There is no way that it could have been an accident.

I’m deeply concerned about this as a number of dead birds were found very nearby in March and April last year having suffered a similar fate."

– Inspector Scott Vanes RSPCA

Anyone with information can leave a message for Inspector Vanes by calling the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018.

Event to help Southwell residents with flooding grant

Southwell residents can get information and advice about applying for the Repair and Renew Grant today.

Car covered in mud after the flash flooding in Southwell in July 2013 Credit: PA

Up to £5,000 is available to help flooded homes and businesses with the cost of installing flood protection.

In July 2013, the town was hit by severe flash flooding which damaged a number of properties.

Representatives from the National Flood Forum are helping run the information day, which takes place between 10am and 4pm at The Admiral Rodney Function Room in the town.

They say people can find out more on:

  • Repair and Renew Grant
  • Insurance Queries
  • Community Emergency Plan
  • Southwell Flood Fund
  • Future Mitigation Plans
  • Flood Protection products
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