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Report: History and heritage of Midlands waterways

The East Midlands is home to fantastic scenery along miles of waterways, in a special series we look at our canal network - and the work done behind the scenes to maintain them.

Our cameras have been with a lock-keeper along the canal network who says working amongst such history and heritage is magnificent.

Watch the full report from ITV News Central's Dani Crawshaw below.

Proposal for wind farm near Rutland Water is rejected

A proposal for a wind farm in this field has been rejected Credit: ITV News Central

A proposal to build a wind farm close to one of the region's best known beauty spots has been rejected by Rutland County council.

Members agreed with planners by nine votes to one that the application for nine wind turbines at Woolfox disused airfield be refused.

RES, the company behind the plan said it would bring a big economic boost to the area. The firm now have six months to appeal.

The proposed wind farm would have been near to the Rutland Nature Reserve Credit: ITV News Central


UK summit held to highlight plight of Hedgehogs

The numbers of hedgehogs are dwindling in the UK. Credit: PA

The first UK summit in a decade to highlight the plight of the hedgehog is taking place in Telford today.

The Day of the Hedgehog is organised by wildlife charities British Hedgehog Preservation Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species as part of their joint Hedgehog Street initiative.

According to ecologists, tens of thousands of hedgehogs are being killed by traffic on our roads each year.

Other factors contributing to their increasing demise in population include habitat loss, temperature change and increases in housing and industrial developments

The summit is being held at the Telford International Convention Centre


Powering the Midlands: renewable energy in the home

This eco-friendly cabin is home to two people in Herefordshire. It was built from recycled materials for less than £1,500. Credit: ITV News Central

In the latest special report on the use of energy in our region, we focus on how people across the Midlands have developed novel ways of powering their homes.

From newly developed eco-friendly houses, to solar panels and even a cabin in Herefordshire which was built with recycled materials for less than £1,500.

Could this be the answer for lower energy living?

All this week ITV News Central will be looking into the future to investigate where and how we will get our energy.

In the second instalment of our series 'Powering the Midlands', Wesley Smith is looking at a more compact way of life.

With the case for recycling growing ever-stronger, Wes has been to home in Herefordshire which has taken it to a whole new level.

  • Watch Wes' full report on ITV News Central at 6pm

Special report: The future of Coal in the Midlands

ITV News Central has seen evidence that the UK may fail to meet EU renewable energy targets by 2020. Everyone of us will be affected, so the race is on to change the way we live and work.

The Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, is expected to outline the latest Government energy policy in the Commons shortly, which will see all coal fire power stations phased out by 2025.

So, we've been exploring future options in a series of reports.

Here's Wesley Smith with, "Powering the Midlands.

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