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Lincolnshire health bosses in drive to recruit European GPs to address chronic shortages

File image Credit: PA

Plans to recruit 25 GPs from across Europe to address chronic staff shortages in Lincolnshire are at an advanced stage.

The Lincolnshire local Medical Committee says it is trying to attract doctors from countries such as Spain, Greece and Portugal, as well as Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

Medical professionals who choose to take up the opportunity will be offered English lessons and a three-year training scheme in the UK.


Dementia stories - Doug Kirk

Doug and wife Suzanne Credit: ITV News

Doug Kirk was just 52 when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He continued to work for a few years, but eventually had to give up his job as a carpenter.

But the biggest blow came when he had his driving licence taken away.

Doug’s Alzheimer’s affects his ability to understand and articulate words. He also has memory loss, and struggles to deal with stressful situations.

Being so young, Doug’s wife Suzanne says one of the biggest challenges has been coping financially. And they’ve both had to come to terms with changing their plans for the future.

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Sick toddler finds matching donor

Joey Ziadi seen above in 2014, has now found a matching blood donor after being diagnosed with a rare form of anaemia Credit: ITV News Anglia

A seriously ill toddler from Northampton has finally found a matching donor after a two-year search for his family.

Joey Ziadi was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia when he was just nine months old. It's a blood condition that affects just one in nine million people.

His mum has been campaigning tirelessly since then to encourage more people to become bone marrow donors.


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