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Increase proposed for Nottingham social care

Nottingham City Council is proposing increasing charges for adult social care services. The council says cuts in government funding mean users will have to contribute more. The council is proposing extending the range of paid-for services to include all people receiving long term support services. That would include increasing the charges for Day Care from £5 to £12 per day and increasing the charges for transport to Day Centres from £5 to £8 per return journey.

The council says the proposals will not affect people who are assessed as being financially unable to contribute towards the cost of their care.

EMAS: child injured under train was 'frightened and wanted to get off'

A six-year-old boy suffered serious abdominal injuries after he tried to get off the ghost train ride at Botton Brothers Pleasure Beach in Skegness because he was scared.

Steve Pratten, community response manager at East Midlands Ambulance Service, said: "The boy had initially become trapped under the car of the train.

"Apparently he'd got frightened and wanted to get off the ride.

"He suffered abdominal injuries as a result of the ride going over him. He was transferred to the Queens Medical Centre in a stable condition.

"Paramedics on the air ambulance said that he was a really lovely boy - very polite throughout.

"He was in a lot of pain and was very upset and frightened as well but they said he was very brave."

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