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Man starts 24-hour charity climb in memory of father

Chris Byrne, from Leicester, has been taking part in a 24-hour challenge to climb the height of Mount Everest.

Chris started the gruelling challenge last night, in memory of his father, who died of bowel cancer last month Credit: ITV News Central
Chris has climbed over eight and a half thousand metres, which is the equivalent of around two-thousand double-decker buses Credit: ITV News Central

Leicester man climbing height of Mount Everest in 24 hours

Chris Byrne is taking part in the climb Credit: Chris Byrne

A man from Leicester is currently taking part in a 24-hour charity climb of the height of Mount Everest.

Chris Byrne is doing the climb in memory of his father who died from bowel cancer last month.

The climb is the equivalent of 8848 metres, 5.5 miles or just over 2000 double decker buses.



Mum says deaf daughter 'took a big chance' on implant

The mother of a woman who has heard sound for the first time after getting a cochlear implant has told ITV News she was "worried for a month" about her daughter's operation.

Ann Milne, who filmed her daughter hearing for the first time, told ITV News Joanne had taken a "big chance" by going ahead with the procedure.

If the operation had failed, Joanne would not have been able to use her old hearing aids again


Deaf woman 'couldn't believe the sound of hairspray'

A woman who recently heard sound for the first time has told ITV News she "could not believe" the noise from everyday objects such as her hairspray.

Joanne Milne, who was born deaf, said she was planning to "enjoy every sound" now that she can hear for the first time in almost 40 years.

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Deaf woman thanks readers for 'wonderful comments'

A deaf woman, who appeared in an emotional video which showed her hearing for the first time, has thanked ITV News' Facebook followers for their "wonderful comments" on the social networking site.

Watch: Deaf woman given hearing after 39 years of silence

A video captured the first time Joanne Milne heard a sound. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Commenting on ITV News' Facebook page, Joanne Milne wrote: "Wonderful're making me cry again! Thanks everyone...I'm still on my emotional rollercoaster!"

Watch: Deaf woman tells ITV 'it's amazing' to hear for first time


Midland hospitals accused of death rates 'cover up'

Hospitals could be covering up poor treatment by fiddling death rates, experts warned today, as a new report reveals a dramatic rise in the number of people listed as needed palliative care.

Two Midland heath trusts were named by analysts Dr Foster in the top 20 across the country for the highest increase in palliative patients.

Hospital death records could be used to cover up poor treatment, according to a new report
Hospital death records could be used to cover up poor treatment, according to a new report Credit: PA

Palliative care includes treatment to help relieve suffering when a patient has a terminal illness, and patients who die under such care are recorded differently to others - leading to fears the increase could indicate a cover-up by heath bosses to make their death figures seem better than they are.

Across England last year, 36,425 deaths were coded as palliative - 17.3 per cent of the total number of deaths. This is almost double the 9.1 per cent recorded in 2008.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust in the West Midlands and Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were both named in the top 20.

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