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NHS campaign group march to Mansfield

A group of mums who are fighting to save the NHS are marching from Chesterfield to Mansfield today.

The women are joined by hundreds of supporters, and they are following the route of the 1936 Jarrow March.

The group want to see a repeal of the Health and Social Care Act, and want to halt the privatisation of the NHS.


'Save Our NHS' march arrives in Nottinghamshire

Today, the '999 Save Our NHS' march arrives in Mansfield
Today, the '999 Save Our NHS' march arrives in Mansfield Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A three hundred mile protest march by campaigners fighting to save the future of the NHS arrives in Nottinghamshire today.

More than 35 women supported by hundreds of followers set off from the North East earlier this month on the route of the 1936 Jarrow March.

Today, the '999 Save Our NHS' march arrives in Mansfield. The group aims to protect the health service from privatisation and to keep it safe for future generations.

'Rat droppings' and 'dead flies' in some fake cigarettes

Trading Standards officers say fake cigarettes are damaging the health and wealth of communities across the Midlands.

They have been at Coalville Market in Leicestershire to warn shoppers about some of the ingredients that counterfeiters put into their products.

Officers also say the illegal trade is putting reputable traders out of business, as well as being highly dangerous to smokers.

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Birmingham worst city in UK for fake cigarettes

Birmingham has been branded the worst city in the UK for illicit cigarette sales
Birmingham has been branded the worst city in the UK for illicit cigarette sales Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Birmingham has been branded the worst city in the UK for illicit cigarette sales.

120 packs were sold to undercover investigators from 48 shops in just three days.

The test purchasers, who were working on behalf of one of the world's largest tobacco companies, were able to buy the cut-price products all over the city - including from a pet shop.

Beware of fake cigarettes containing arsenic, mould and rat droppings, say Trading Standards

Trading Standards warn about fake cigarettes
Credit: PA wire

Counterfeit cigarettes can contain arsenic, mould and rat droppings - according to Trading Standards in Leicester. These ingredients have been found in cigarettes they've seized.

They're warning about the dangers today with a live demonstration in Coalville, as they create cigarettes using some of the lethal ingredients tests have detected.

"Often the raw tobacco inside is mixed with potentially deadly chemicals and waste products. You wouldn't eat anything with rat droppings in it - so why would you smoke it?"

– Leicestershire County Council cabinet member for Trading Standards, Joe Orson

Trading Standards say the trade in illegal tobacco is used to fund organised crime gangs, and undercuts legitimate businesses, as well as endangering the health of those who buy them.


East Midlands Ambulance service apologises for lost data

East Midlands Ambulance service has apologised to patients after losing more than 40 thousand patient reports on a data disk.

The information which was collected between September and November 2012, includes patient addresses, contact numbers and details of their medical conditions.

More details: East Midlands Ambulance Service loses patient data.


Warning over illegal cigarettes 'containing excrement'

Illegal cigarettes seized in a crackdown on black market trade have been found to contain human excrement, council officials have warned.

PA Wire
Some fake cigarettes were found to contain human excrement. Credit: PA Wire

The Local Government Authority (LGA) said the illegal market is hampering efforts to reduce smoking, while many products posed a fire risk and cost the UK economy around £3 billion a year in unpaid duty.

In some cases fake cigarettes contained human excrement, rat droppings, asbestos and dead flies, the LGA said.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal cigarettes have been seized in Wolverhampton, Bristol and Nottingham, as part of the council's bid to tackle the practice.

Trading Standards Officers reported finding cigarettes inside vacuum cleaners, under floorboards and in toilet cisterns.

'Appalling' that system isn't in place to prevent loss of nearly 42,000 patient records

The daughter of a 94-year-old woman treated by East Midlands Ambulance Service this year says it's "appalling" that a system is not in place to prevent patient information being misplaced.

Jane Rogers' mother Janet came off her scooter earlier this year in Newark and had to wait several hours for the Ambulance Service to arrive.

She says both she and her mother would have been outraged if this had been her records.

East Midlands Ambulance Service says that extra staff training in data handling procedures is already underway and that their computer storage system is in the middle of being upgraded to improve security.

The data is thought to be from the period September 2012 and November 2012. If anyone was treated by the Service during this period and has concerns they can ring a helpline on 0115 884 5055.

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