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Peterborough Hospital declares 'critical internal incident'

Peterborough City Hospital. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Peterborough City Hospital has declared a 'critical internal incident' due to a lack of available beds.

The hospital says patients are facing significant delays to be admitted to wards because of an unprecedented rise in the number of people needing emergency treatment.

To help ease the pressure, staff are asking people to only turn up to A&E if absolutely necessary.

I would like to thank patients and their relatives for their co-operation and understanding, particularly those who have experienced a long delay in waiting for a bed. We are doing all we can to ensure patients do not have to wait any longer than is necessary, but this is being hampered by the larger than usual volume of people needing hospital care at present.

We have called in additional staff to assess patients coming to us in an emergency and to support our ward teams in discharging those patients who are now well enough to go home. However, we are bracing ourselves for a challenging first week of the new year as we know it will take a few days before we can re-establish a smoother flow of patients in and out of hospital.

Regionally, other hospitals are also under significant pressure so we would ask that people only attend their local Emergency Department for critical situations, such as choking, chest pain, loss of consciousness, severe blood loss, broken bones or trauma, difficulty breathing, deep wounds or suspected stroke.

– Dr Andrew Cope


Hospital pest's figures triple over five years

The number of pests found in hospitals across Leicester have more than trebled in the last five years.

Latest figures reveal there were nearly 300 pest-control call outs to the Leicester General, Royal Infirmary and Glenfield hospitals in the last 12 months.

The trust which runs the hospitals says they occasionally have unwelcome visitors which are dealt with when they arise.

Patients in Staffordshire urged not to attend A&E with minor injuries

A&E departments in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire are currently facing exceptionally high demand, resulting in long waits for patients with non-critical illnesses.

With New Year celebrations reaching their peak over the next few days, patients are being urged to visit A&E only in cases of genuine emergency.

Health leaders are asking people suffering from minor illnesses or injuries to use alternatives to A&E.

Alternative sources of care for non-critical ailments are:

  • NHS 111
  • Minor Injuries Units
  • GP Out-of-Hours and walk-in centres

"People with life-threatening conditions will always receive the highest priority, which means that other people attending A&E may have extremely long waits. We would urge people to use the alternatives available."

– Dr Steve Fawcett, Clinical Director for Acute Care at Stoke-on-Trent CCG


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Winter heating warnings

With temperatures falling and the colder weather coming, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is reminding residents to think carefully before heating their home this winter.

Fire chiefs are urging householders to think carefully when heating their home this winter

The advice comes after a number of reports of people heating their homes in dangerous ways, without realising the risks.

The service now wants to reinforce the message by highlighting the top mistakes people make in their home when trying to stay warm. This includes:

1) Putting washing too close to their halogen heaters

2) Sitting too close to their halogen heaters

3) Leaving their halogen heaters on when going to bed

4) Keeping wood all the way round a wood burner when lit

5) Using candle flower pot heaters - home-made heating devices made by candles being placed under an upside down plant pot

Residents urged to stay safe when heating their homes this winter

"We want people to stay warm and well this winter, but our main priority is that people stay safe. "We know it's tempting to sit with the heater close to your legs or to dry washing quicker by having the heater right next to it, but this can be extremely dangerous.

"These are all things we see when we visit people in their homes, and it is vital that they understand the dangers so they don’t put themselves or their loved ones at risk. “We realise that it is expensive to heat your homes at present, but would recommend portable oil filled radiators for small space heating."I

– John Barke, Lincolnshire deputy community fire safety manager

If you are at home and are struggling to keep warm, there are a number of schemes available which can help. Please visit or contactResponders to Warmthon 0845 6064566 who will be able to offer advice and assistance.

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