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'I'm completely overwhelmed': Disability campaigner reaches target for new wheelchair

Sarah speaking to ITV News Anglia in October Credit: ITV News Anglia

A Northamptonshire disability awareness campaigner says she is 'completely overwhelmed and grateful' after reaching her crowd funding target for a new wheelchair in just 26 days.

Sarah Alexander from Wollaston suffers from a genetic condition which causes her limbs to dislocate every day.

The 29 year says the new £5,000 pound chair will give her more freedom.

Sarah has now ordered her wheelchair and is expecting to have it delivered later this month.

A dislocation in Sarah's fingers damaged a tendon in her hand Credit: Sarah Alexander

"I'm completely overwhelmed and so grateful. I received £1000 donation the night my campaign aired and cried happy tears. I honestly thought it would take ages to raise the money but it was only 26 days. Thank you to everyone that donated."

– Sarah Alexander

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Stress and fertility: Katie and Matthew's story

Researchers in Nottingham say they can predict how likely a woman is to get pregnant through IVF treatment by testing a lock of her hair. It's all to do with levels of the stress hormone Cortisol.

In the final part of our series on Fertility our Health Correspondent Stacey Foster met a couple who after years of being told they'd never conceive naturally, they did.

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Meet the couple who are now a family because of IVF

In the West Midlands, there are 9 clinics that offer fertility treatment to the more than 3000 couples a year that need it.

But demand is increasing from both from heterosexual couples who are having trouble conceiving, and new types of families.

Our Health Correspondent Stacey Foster meets a couple who, thanks to IVF treatment at Midland Fertility, are now a family.

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