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First picture: 10-year-old out of operating theatre and back on the ward

Ben Baddeley's operation was a success Credit: Amy Baddeley

Ben Baddeley from Staffordshire is out of an operating theatre in London and back on the ward after Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy treatment. He has Cerebral Palsy and the operation this morning was to ease his leg muscles and help his movement.

Mum Amy has told ITV Central,

"Everything went well - he is all snuggled up and his muscles are relaxed. For the first time he looks comfy!! And he is no longer pale from the pain, he has a natural pinkness to his skin. Very tired and groggy but he is through it and doing really well."


10-year-old Staffordshire boy 'incredibly brave' and now in Operating Theatre

Mum Amy says Ben was 'incredibly brave and didn't cry' Credit: Amy Baddeley

Ben Baddeley is having Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy treatment today to ease his leg muscles and help his movement - he has Cerebral Palsy and his family have paid for all his treatment.

He's just had his anaesthetic and is now in theatre.

Mum Amy has let us know,

"He was incredibly brave and didn't cry. We're very proud of him... two and a half hours to wait now"

She says she feels very nervous.

Ben is wheeled down to theatre Credit: Amy Baddeley

His family still need to raise the money for two years of post-operation physiotherapy so Ben doesn't have to use a wheelchair.

Nervous Ben just about to go in for his operation

Nervous Ben just about to go in for his operation Credit: Amy Baddeley

Ben's mum Amy Baddeley has just sent us this photo of Ben in hospital in London. His surgeon has just been to have a chat with Ben, who she says is feeling nervous.

The next time the family will see the surgeon will be at the theatre doors.

LISTEN: Ben on how the operation will change his life

WATCH: Ben's first steps in first trainers

Ben Baddeley just taken his anaesthetic before big operation

10-year-old Ben Baddeley from Staffordshire is in London today for an operation on his legs to help him walk - he has Cerebral Palsy and has previously used splints.

Mum Amy Baddeley has just told ITV Central he's been prepped for his operation and has taken his "Magic Milk" to help him become drowsy. She says he's feeling nervous and wants the "putting to sleep bit" to be over.


90 minute countdown to 10-year-old's life changing operation

Ben gets his first pair of trainers before his operation Credit: ITV News Central

Today Ben Baddeley from Silverdale in Staffordshire is in London for an operation to help him walk without pain.

His operation is scheduled for 8:45 this morning.

Ben's family were forced to raise money to pay for his surgery after the NHS cancelled his scheduled procedure due to funding cuts.

After his operation, fundraising will start in earnest for two years of physiotherapy.

Listen: Ben describes how the operation will changes his life

Showers banned after hospital Legionella bacteria alert

The Legionella bacteria has been found on two wards at Leicester General Hospital Credit: PA

Showers have been banned and bottled drinking water provided on two wards at the Leicester General Hospital, after a potentially lethal bug was found in the water supply.

Legionella bacteria on a petri dish of charcoal Credit: PA

The hospital says that routine testing of the water supply has shown that higher than normal levels of Legionella bacteria were present on wards 28 and 29, triggering its safety plan.

The potentially lethal bug can cause a form of pneumonia called Legionnaires.

Ten-year-old heads to London for vital operation

A ten-year-old boy from Staffordshire who has cerebral palsy is heading to London this week for a vital operation to help him walk without pain.

The operation will help nine-year-old Ben Baddeley walk without pain
The operation will help nine-year-old Ben Baddeley walk without pain Credit: ITV News Central

Ben Baddeley was refused the surgery by the NHS due to funding cuts, but thanks to donations from members of the public, his family have been able to pay for it themselves.

They're still fundraising for his aftercare.

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