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Westfield Derby shopping centre sold for £390 million

Westfield Shopping Centre in Derby city centre Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The Westfield Derby shopping centre has been sold for £390 million to property group Intu.

The group has also acquired 50% of Merry Hill shopping centre near Dudley in the West Midlands at a price of just over £408 million.

Intu already owns both Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh in Nottingham.


Chancellor says Midlands businesses need to build and export more


@itvcentral Osborne says we need businesses in the midland need to build more and export more budget2014


Osborne we are backing exporters who are proud to say 'made in Britain '. @itvcentral Budget2014

Chancellor: 'We are growing faster than any other advanced economy'


Budget2014 Osborne says we are growing faster than any other advanced economy - we will stick to plan @itvcentral @itvnews


@itvcentral budget2014 Osborne says pay restraint in public sector continues -


budget2014 Osborne says the rich making the biggest contribution to deficit reduction "we are all in this together " @itvcentral


Council cuts - should Council Tax be increased?

Over the next few weeks decision makers at councils across the Midlands will be making some of the biggest cuts in local spending history with services and jobs under threat.

The government are putting pressure on councils not to increase council tax but with so many services under pressure could it be the answer. This is what some of you said:

Some of your views on whether council tax should be increased.

Keep up to date with all the latest on cuts at your council on ITV Central News.

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