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Who's making money on our petrol station forecourts?

Video report by ITV News Central reporter Chris Halpin

Crude oil prices have dropped to under 30 dollars a barrel but are the tumbling prices being reflected on our petrol station forecourts?

Campaigners for fairer fuel prices say unscrupulous retailers aren't making cuts, but petrol station owners say they're struggling to survive because of falling margins.

Latest figures show 28 per cent of independent petrol stations have closed down in the West Midlands since 2005. So, if they aren't making money from selling fuel - then who is?

Chris Halpin investigates in the first in a three-part series, Pressure at the Pumps.

  1. Chris Halpin

Coming up: who's under Pressure at the Pumps?

By ITV News Central reporter Chris Halpin

Now a preview of our upcoming three part series on a subject that usually gets people talking - petrol prices.

In recent weeks the cost per litre has dipped below a pound for diesel and unleaded for the first time since 2009. But can it continue? Tune in to ITV News Central at 6 tonight for the first part of 'Pressure at the Pumps'.



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