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71% of parents want payday loan adverts banned before watershed

More than 70% of parents in the Midlands want payday loan adverts banned from airing on television and radio before the 9:00pm watershed.

The survey also found that 72% of children aged 13-17 had seen or heard of a payday loan advert in the last seven days.

The YouGov survey was commissioned by The Children's Society Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

It follows research by Ofcom last year that showed the number of payday loan adverts on television had increased by more than 20 times over the past four years to 397,000. The research found more than half of all payday loan adverts on TV were broadcast in the daytime schedule between 9:30am and 4:59pm.


TUC: '75% of affordable housing in East Midlands not available'

Rutland was found to be the most unaffordable Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment/PA

More than 75% of towns and cities in the East Midlands do not have affordable housing available, according to a new report by the TUC.

The majority of places have houses that cost more than five times the average salary.

Rutland was found to be the most unaffordable, while Derby was the most affordable.

New flat rate for Leicester parking

Drivers will pay no more than £1 an hour to park in Leicester city centre from November Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Drivers will pay no more than £1 an hour to park in Leicester city centre - at any time and on any day.

The new flat rate for parking will be introduced in council run car parks in November.

New payment machines and credit and debit card parking will also be installed.


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Woman claimed almost £8,000 to care for dead father

A woman from Lincoln has been ordered to repay £7,786 and undertake 200 hours of unpaid community service after claiming money to care for her dead father.

Joanne Heyward pleaded guilty to fraud at Lincoln Magistrate's Court after an investigation by Lincolnshire Police found she had ignored letters and phone calls about the account after her father's death in October 2011.

Lincolnshire County Council are warning people to be vigilant against fraud in their communities:

This sends a strong message that we will not tolerate Direct Payment fraud and will seek prosecution for anyone who abuses the system. If you know that this is happening in your community, I would urge you to contact the county council so that we can investigate and reclaim funds for people who should rightfully receive them.

– Pete Sidgwick, assistant director of Adult Care at Lincolnshire County Council

Centre for Retail Research: Boots takeover could be 'bad news' for Nottingham

Professor Joshua Bamfield, from the Centre for Retail Research, based in Newark, has told ITV News Central he's concerned about the impact the takeover of Boots may have on employees here in the UK:

"Walgreens haven't announced what they're going to do so we don't know what impact this will have on Nottingham just yet, but in the medium term, I think job opportunities will be curtailed. It's bad news.

"It's possible that the new company will be vibrant and exciting and everything will go well but the reality is that Walgreens will want to run everything from the US.

"The firm will now try to work out where they make savings. They'll be asking 'where can we make the savings to justify this purchase?' They tend to be made in staff numbers."

– Professor Joshua Bamfield, from the Centre for Retail Research

Waiting for deliveries: The hassle of internet shopping

Waiting for parcels to arrive can be a nuisance Credit: PA

It's supposed to take the hassle out of shopping, allowing us to buy whatever we want, wherever and whenever we want - and at the click of a mouse.

But for many of us, internet shopping is far from hassle-free.

A recent survey has found thousands of people are having to take time off work to wait in for deliveries, only for them not to show up or for them to be faulty or damaged.

Consumer experts are warning it's happening all too often, and some customers are delivered nothing but disappointment.

Have you had trouble with internet shopping deliveries? We'd like to hear from you!

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