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Former Northampton South MP says he could stand for re-election if asked

Brian Binley says he could stand if asked Credit: PA

The former Northampton South MP, Brian Binley says he would "answer his party's call" if asked to stand for the Northampton South seat.

He says he's not actively looking to be selected, but if he was approached by the party, he would "answer the call" because "we've got to win the seat and it's not going to be easy, after everything that's happened."

He has not been approached by the party yet and a meeting to select the new Northampton South candidate is set to take place on Tuesday 2nd May.

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Northampton South MP will not seek re-election

The Conservative MP for Northampton South, David Mackintosh has said he will not stand for re-election in June.

Just days ago he said he had no plans to step aside despite rumours he was facing deselection by the local conservative party.

  • ITV Anglia's Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson says he was in for a tough deselection battle.

It comes after questions over the handling of a £10 million loan to Northampton Football Club when he was leader of Northampton Borough Council.

Work the money was meant to go toward was never finished, and now the money's missing and police are investigating. Mr Mackintosh has always insisted he's done nothing wrong.

After much thought I have decided not to stand again as the Conservative candidate for Northampton South. It has been a huge honour to be the Member of Parliament since 2015, but I now feel it is the right time for my constituents to have a new representative.

This is an important election for our country with a clear choice: strong and stable leadership for Brexit and beyond under Theresa May - or a coalition of chaos under a weak, floundering, nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn.

I supported Theresa May since the start of her leadership campaign, and I know that every vote for her and the Conservative team on 8 June will strengthen our hand in negotiations to get the best possible deal for Brexit and beyond, leaving Britain stronger and better off for the future.

– David Mackintosh MP


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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to stand in General Election

Credit: PA

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has confirmed he will stand for Parliament in the General Election.

His announcement ends speculation about whether or not he would run for a Commons seat.

Mr Nuttall said he would be "leading the party into battle" in the June 8 contest, adding he will reveal which seat he will be running for in 48 hours.

"As the leader of the party I will be, obviously, leading the party into battle as I have done many times in the past," he said.

Mr Nuttall failed in his previous bid to become an MP, losing the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election in February.

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