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ITV's political show in the Midlands - Central Lobby: November edition

How do we tackle the congestion and air pollution problems in Midlands towns and cities? A new study shows in Birmingham only 3% of people cycle to work - the lowest out of the seven cities in the study but why?

Also as prominent East Midlands Tory MPs challenge the government over Brexit - we debate is a cut off date for leaving the EU really a good idea.



  1. Chris Halpin

Council slammed for spending thousands on new signs

Wolverhampton City Council has come under fire for spending thousands of pounds on new "Welcome to the City" signs. The 25 boards celebrating key landmarks and venues went up on the city outskirts earlier this year.

The council says they'll generate pride and income for Wolverhampton. But Liberal Democrat campaigners think it's money poorly spent. Chris Halpin reports.

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