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26 MPs have signed a parliamentary motion calling for the Crossrail contract to be awarded to Bombardier in Derby.

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MPs sign motion to award Bombardier Crossrail contract

Bombardier in Derby Credit: PA

26 MPs have now signed a parliamentary motion calling for the Crossrail contract to be awarded to Bombardier in Derby.

They say the deal to build six hundred carriages would guarantee 10,000 jobs in the East Midlands and the national supply chain.

It's feared if Bombardier does not win the contract, the Derby plant could close, meaning an end to train manufacturing in the UK.

Bombardier in talks with Transport for London over deal worth over £100m

Derby train-maker, Bombardier, looks set to win a multi-million pound order to build dozens of new carriages for the rail network in London.

Transport for London has approved plans to expand its overground fleet of trains and is in talks with Bombardier about the deal – thought to be worth at least £120 million.

The company says it can't comment while commercial negotiations are continuing. But rail industry expert, Sim Harris, says it's a welcome boost to the Derby workforce.


Bombardier Crossrail short list 'good news' for Derby

"Well it's obviously good news that they're on the short list but clearly it's absolutely vital though that Bombardier win this contract because without it it will potentially spell the end of British train manufacturing.

"Let's not forget as a result of the Thameslink decision 1400 jobs have been lost not to mention the countless thousands other jobs in the supply chain as a consequence of those going."

"So it's absolutely vital that we win this contract for Derby and for British manufacuring, it's really really important and I hope tht the government make the right decision this time, they made the wrong call over Thameslink they need to do the right thing on this occassion".


Transport Secretary says Crossrail contract is critical for UK economy

"There is some real interest from key suppliers, including Bombardier, in this project and today was about saying to them that we have a procurement approach that of course looks at value for money...

but it's also important for us as a government to communicate with those companies what our broader agenda is around skills, apprenticeships, jobs and growth."



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