Budget 2012

All the latest on how Chancellor George Osbourne's 2012 budget will affect people and businesses in the Central region.

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Tweets on today's budget by Birmingham Northfield Labour MP Richard Burden


Govt could do so much more to directly boost investment in innovation and manufacturing than focussing on Corporation Tax #budget2012


Child Benefit cuts - from cliff edge disaster to slower motion car crash #budget2012


Lib Dems in ecstasy on updating of personal allowances should look at evidence that it has regressive aspects too. Suspect Tories know that.


Conservative MP for North Warwickshire & Bedworth's tweets


Over 1m low paid people already taken out of tax altogether. Tax threshold raised further - now 2m lowest earners no longer pay income tax


50p rate only raised one third of the amount previous labour govt said it would be. From next April top rate will be 45p.


Companies now moving to Britain, not away. 1m low paid people lifted out of tax altogether. Need a modern tax system - simpler system needed

Family hope for break in children's tax credits

"With regards to my salary we'll be losing the children's tax credits and we were using that not for ourselves we were using that for our children and clearly we've got to sit down with the kids and explain to them what we can do such as after school clubs, and what we can't.

That's now hitting us because that's what we were using the tax credits for"


Families having to choose between heating and food

"It's a very serious thing, you think well actually can we really afford to have the heating on all day long, no we can't, so you have to be selective about when you have it on , and sometimes it's well actually you need to feed the children so put an extra jumper on and manage.

It's kind of like that it's really difficult, and you think it's a bit strange in a society like ours you shouldn't be having to think actually basics like heating and food we've got to make a choice between them when we're both working in a western society"

Hannah Girling

Rising costs putting extra pressure on families

"Just even in terms of shopping for the childrens' clothes it's kinda been out of the question a lot of the time so we just have to rely on people handing clothes down to us.

Household bills, everything;s going up, food costs we find really difficult with four children, we find it really difficult making ends meet at the end of the month"

Jonathan Girling speaking about the pressures on his family

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