Protest Camp To Close

Protesters at the Occupy Nottingham camp say they will end their six month long protest tomorrow.

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Protest leader says campaign's been a success

"We thought it was the right time. We've had a good stretch, we've had six months here.

We've raised awareness, fought the council legally but the odds were stacked against us.

"Ultimately, it was a decision as to whether we wanted to risk facing twenty to thirty thousand pounds in legal costs."

"We couldn't afford to pay them and it would have been lost revenue for the city too. With that in mind we decided it was time to pull out and try another plan of action."

CARL FREEMAN - Occupy Nottingham


Occupy Nottingham vacate square

Protestors start dismantling their camp Credit: ITV Central News

Occupy Nottingham, the anti-capitalist protesters, are moving from the camp they set up six months ago in the Market Square, Nottingham.

They say they're going because of possible legal fees in an impending court case that was being brought by the city council to try to evict them.

Not the end to campaign

Anti-capitalist protesters say their decision to end a six month protest in Nottingham isn't the end of their campaign.

Occupy Nottingham said they were packing up their camp in the Old Market Square because they faced a "difficult task" to win a legal battle.

A three-day trial to decide whether the camp could be legally removed by the city council was due to start on April 30th.

The Occupy protesters faced legal fees of tens of thousands of pounds. They said they would regroup and continue their campaign.

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