Madeleine McCann: Five Years

Kate McCann, the mother of missing Madeleine McCann is launching a nationwide campaign to find missing people.

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Kate McCann "We just want to find her"

Kate and Gerry McCann speak to ITV News' Mary Nightingale, five years after Madeleine's disappearance.

Kate has also described how she coped in April last year when Madeleine had been away from them longer than they had had her:

"It had been a day that had been etched in my mind.

"But we've gone beyond that now. In the early days and weeks I was counting the days, counting the weeks and thinking my goodness what will she be like, how will she be - we've gone beyond that now."

-Kate McCann


Kate McCann: It's hard to imagine Madeleine's return

Kate McCann has said that she finds it too difficult to imagine a reunion with Madeleine:

"It's almost like it's so good it's so beautiful that I don't want to take myself there and it not to be real.

"Obviously I've had a few dreams along the way and they have been so tangible that it has been incredibly painful, because that's what we want every day."

– Kate McCann

MCann's are 'positive' five years after Madeleine disappeared

Kate and Gerry McCann have spoken to Lorraine Kelly five years after Madeleine went missing.

"We're as positive as we have been in a longtime."

"We've reached that point where we can do a lotof normal things. We still have the Madeleine work going on day in day outthat's inevitable until we find her."

"You can't not have a normal family life."

– Kate McCann

Portuguese police explain decision to not reopen McCann investigation

A senior police Portuguese police officer has explained why, at present, there are no plans to reopen the investigation in Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

We have found no new element that is sufficient or credible that would allow us to formally reopen the investigation.

The decision to do so would be up to the public prosecutor.

The Portuguese team has no time limit to perform its task or to present any conclusions


He said an independent team of investigators would continue to work in collaboration with British police and insisted its task "was not yet over".


Portuguese police refuse to reopen Madeleine McCann case

Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal. Her parents have never given hope she may be alive. Credit: ITV News

Portuguese police have refused to reopen the inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The decision came after Scotland Yard urged authorities toresume their investigation and released a new "age-progressed" image showing what she might look like as a nine-year-old.

While British detectives believe Madeleine could still be alive, officers in Portugal insist there is no evidence to warrant relaunching the search.

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