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'Amber' weather warning in West Midlands until 4pm this afternoon

An 'Amber' weather warning is still in place for the West Midlands and is expected to remain until around 4pm this afternoon. The East Midlands has also been included in the 'Amber' zone despite the rain being much lighter in the East than West.

Gale force gusts have also been recorded across Lincolnshire and these should ease as the day progresses.

In the last hour 7mm of rain has fallen in Wellesbourne, SE Birmingham.

What do the weather colours mean?

Yellow = Be aware

Localised flooding and wet road surfaces. Local disruption possible to travel giving longer journey times.

Amber = Be Prepared

Some flooding of homes, businesses and transport links possible. Disruption to travel, gas, electricity, water supplies and telecoms likely. Evacuations may be required.

Red = Take Action

Widespread flooding of property. Severe disruption to travel, gas, electricity and water supplies. Evacuation of communities expected.

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