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Police praise England fans

Police in the West Midlands say there hasn't been a single arrest during the Euro 2012 football tournament.

They say that so far the opening matches of Euro 2012 have been enjoyed in an atmosphere of "good-natured fun".

"We haven't received any reports of serious trouble in the region or clashes between rival fans.

"Policing operations are in place across our towns and cities to respond to crime, disorder or any issues relating to excess alcohol consumption.

"We want everyone to enjoy the event and we won't tolerate poor behaviour that can spoil the spectacle for the majority of law abiding supporters."

– Sergeant Donna Jones, West Midlands Police

The Football Unit has issued a warning that anyone involved in football-related disorder risks being handed a Football Banning Order in the courts.

That would make UK football grounds no-go zones to offenders and also prevent them from travelling overseas to football tournaments.

A West Bromwich Albion fan was given a Football Banning Order after he was removed from a flight before it left from Gatwick last Saturday.

The 24-year-old from Tipton was arrested by Norwegian police during England's Euro 2012 warm-up game last month and given a three year banning.

"He was trying the make his way to the Euros and this result reflects our commitment to tackle people with a history of violence or disorder from attending the tournament.

"There is a national, co-ordinated ports operation in place so no matter where people try to leave the country from there will be police and officials looking out for potential troublemakers."

– Sergeant Donna Jones, West Midlands Police


Red cards for Euro 2012 troublemakers

West Midlands Police say anyone causing trouble whilst watching Euro 2012 games risk being arrested and banned from town or city centres on match days.

Police can move on people they believe to be drunk and an anti-social behaviour risk…and stop them returning to the area for up to 48 hours.

Anyone arrested could be handed bail conditions making venues screening matches no-go zones for the whole of June.

In Wolverhampton, officers working with pub landlords will be handing out 'yellow and red cards' to anyone acting in an anti-social manner.

West Midlands Police's specialist Football Unit have people in Poland and Ukraine to help support the policing operation around England supporters.

Others will be based at Birmingham Airport during June on the look-out for potential troublemakers trying to make their way to the tournament.

"Recent overseas tournaments have shown that the vast majority of fans are well behaved and passionate about supporting their team.

"And most people cheering the team on from home want to enjoy the matches and celebrate the event – but anyone jeopardising that through poor behaviour will be dealt with appropriately.

"That could involve them being subject to bail conditions stopping them from watching matches in venues screening the games or from entire town centres.

"Our licensing teams work closely with pubs and clubs and, through the Pubwatch scheme, anyone barred from one pub risks exclusion from all others participating in the initiative.

"People may think that banning orders are only given to people who misbehave in football stadiums – but a football-related offence includes fighting in a pub or committing criminal damage whilst watching a game in a pub."

– Howard Lewis-Jones, Football Unit Inspector


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Euro 2012 song the new Three Lions?

Could the Euro 2012 song be something to rival the likes of Three Lions, the soundtrack to summer 1996?

Impressionists Darren Farley and Paul Reid have recorded the song they hope will be received as enthusiastically as the Euro 96 hit and have entitled it "The Seventh Best Team In The World" obviously before FIFA upgraded England to sixth this week.

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