Funeral Of Philpott Children

The funerals of the six Philpott children who died in a house fire in Derby will take place today.

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Memories of John Philpott

Other children have written that he had a fantastic personality, very lively and jolly. But there was also a serious side to John. Erin wrote that 'when we were on a school trip John was my partner. And when I was worried, John held my hand all the way there and on the way back. And that was typical of John, a very caring boy.

– Patricia Hurd on John



John Philpott was 'shy and bashful'

The tribute to Jack said he was like Duwayne because he was shy and bashful.

It also said he was the quietest.

"He was always the first one in the fights to run off crying to his mummy but some cuddles and kisses and he would be back to his gaming."

– Tributes heard today at the funeral of the six Philpott children
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