London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics runs from 27th July to 12th August. Athletes from 205 different countries are expected to compete in 26 Olympic sports at the 2012 games.

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Is the Olympic Legacy on track?

by Michael Sibert

It has been two weeks of high emotion, celebration and the occasional tear, but now the Olympics is over.

Great Britain won 65 medals, our best return in more than a century.

But, in this brief lull between the Olympics and Paralympics, attention turns to the Olympic legacy.

It was one of the reasons London were awarded the games in the first place, it promised to inspire a generation.

Michael Sibert has been to find out if the Olympic legacy is on track

Jamaican olympic legacy

by Lee Comley

With cities that contain some of the biggest Jamaican and afro-carribbean communities outside of London, it is fair to say that the success of the Jamaican team during the Olympics has gone down well here.

The big star athletes like Bolt and Blake say they loved their time in Birmingham, and praised the local community there. Lee Comley went to see what impact it will have in the future.

Midlands medal winners come home


Just got home! Working through a lovely pile of cards, favourite so far:


On my way home:D Olympics was best experience of my life, summit I'll never forget. But After 5 weeks away can't wait to see the fam!


Packing my bags and saying goodbye to the village. Time to hand over to our GB Paralympians. Still wearing my medal :-)


Midlands Olympians say 'thank you' for support


Noooo, cant believe the olympics is actually finished!! Thank u 2 every1 involved 4 making it so special. #TeamGB #Olympics2012


Amazing closing ceremony last night, small party afterwards, up early this AM for ITV Daybreak.Bleary eyes.


The stadium from the floor.... Thank you everyone for making it so special for us athletes!!

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