Rolls-Royce Reactors

The government is expected to announce Rolls-Royce in Derby will carry out highly-specialised work as part of a new £1bn contract for reactors to power the next generation of Britain's nuclear submarines.

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Rolls Royce awarded £1b from MoD

Rolls Royce awarded contract worth £1b Credit: MoD Pictures 2006

The Ministry of Defence has awarded Rolls Royce a £1.1 billion contract to produce new reactor cores for the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarines.

The investment – which secures 300 jobs at Rolls Royce - will also be used in an eleven-year refurbishment of the plant at Raynesway in Derby.

The refurbishment will cost around £500m.

A further £600m will be spent on producing new reactor cores for the Astute and Successor Class submarines.


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